Pot, Booze Shouldn\’t Be Banned from World Anti-Doping Agency List, says Secretary

A HOLLOWED OUT APPLE + A MATCH = A SLOW REACTION TO THE STARTER’S GUN: Recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, as well as others that don’t enhance performance, should be removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances, the Dutch health secretary said during a conference this week.
By no coincidence, the […]


Will Olympic Athletes Be Allowed to Blog in 2008?

KEEP YOUR 5-RING THOUGHTS OFF THE INTERNET: The time has apparently come to decide whether an Olympic athlete’s right to blog is more important than professional reportage coming from accredited media.
At the IOC meetings this week in Lausanne, Switzerland, the topic of Olympic bloggers came up, and the board of directors is trying to define […]


Can Hot Chick Liz Hernandez Play Goalie for Kings?

POSTERIZED FOR YOUR PLEASURE: This little lady, “Luscious Liz” Hernandez, is the billboard maven for local L.A. hip-hop radio station Power 106 that has, for the second year in a row, volunteered to be part of a promotional campaign with the rumored local NHL squad.

The station gives away free tickets in a promotion where the […]


Bid For A Ride in the Grand Prix of Long Beach

DIAL-A-RIDE IN LONG BEACH: Time’s thankfully running out for anyone willing to throw away at least $50,000 for a guaranteed spot in the upcoming Long Beach Grand Prix.
Oh, sorry. It’s only for the pro celebrity race. And you’ll be driving a modified Scion tC.
Bidding at the official LBGP site ends Feb. 14. The event takes […]


Gold Folds In WSOP Winnings Dispute

YOUR CALL: Jamie Gold, the Malibu guy who won $12 million at the 2006 World Series of Poker last August, has finally agreed to settle a dispute over his half of the grand prize, according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS (and reported in earnest among the many poker online sites).

Furthermore, the announcement comes a couple of […]


John Lithgow Has UCLA Connection

WHAT PLANET IS HE FROM? It’s not Bruins coach Ben Howland, but actor John Lithgow, who seems exuberant in the fact that UCLA is finishing off a win over rival USC in a basketball game at Pauley Pavilion on Wednesday.

The real connection for the Harvard grad who once shared a dorm room with Al Gore […]


Tennis Ball Turns Into Object To Unlock A Car Door

Q: Why would anyone want to marry a tennis player? To them, love means nothing.
A: To us, a tennis ball is all we need to open the key to our heart. More specifically, our car door.

Little Miss Blondie here takes about a minute and a half out of […]


Bettman Threatens to Stay on Job With NHL

DIDN’T YOU HEAR? YOU’RE GONE: If Gary Bettman is about to leave his job as NHL commissioner, it’s news to him.
“I’ve watched with fascination some of the newspaper reports having me going on sabbatical shortly,” the beleaguered former NBA deputy commish said Wednesday night from Vancouver.
“That isn’t the case, wasn’t the case. I think people […]


Tank Johnson\’s Ammo Supply Could Get More Expensive

Attention Tank Johnson: Your ammo supply may be getting much more expensive.
According to today’s CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, a Cook County commissioner wants to slap a 10-cents-per-bullet tax for anyone buying ammunition in that district, in hopes of closing a $500 million budget deficit.

Let’s see: If the house-arrested Chicago Bears defensive tackle went across the county line […]


Does Colts Super Bowl Victory Help Housing Market In the O.C.?

COLTS = CASH FOR DISNEY NEIGHBORS: If the producers of the soon-to-be-axed “The O.C.” offer Peyton Manning one last quick guest appearance before Fox pulls the plug on the unintentional sit-com, we’ve got one reason why.
In an attempt to get a bunch of desperate Orange County housewives (who probably dabble in real estate) to at […]