Paulius Parachomikas YouTube Video Of Girl Getting Owned In Lithuanian Dunk Contest By

CONFIRMED: FAN CHARGED FOR LITHUANIA DUNK CONTEST: There’s a reason why Americans shouldn’t hold butter churning contests. And it’s the same reason (whatever it is) that Lithuanians shouldn’t hold dunking contests.
Exhibit A: Paulius Parachomikas, the runner-up in this year’s Lithuanian professional basketball league’s dunk contest - see if you can guess why:

I’m just hoping against […]


Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle and George Bush on one baseball card

MANTLE, DUBYA PART OF TOPPS BASEBALL CARD GIMMICK: This may not go down as famously as the Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer baseball card that had F*** FACE written on the knob of his bat, but a card that’s part of the new 2007 Topps set featuring Derek Jeter has a couple of quirks that may […]


Jason Kapono Can\’t Find NBA Love

KAPONO SHOT BLANKS AT LAS VEGAS ALL-STAR HOT SPOTS: Jason Kapono, the Heat hotshot who won the All-Star weekend’s 3-point shootout, tells the CHICAGO TRIBUNE that he didn’t have much luck at the LV clubs, and even Heat teammate Alonzo Mourning forgot to put him on guest lists for the Vegas shindigs that took place […]


USC Hockey Goalie Mickey Meyer Moons Crowd Explains Lewd Move on the Ice

LA DAILY NEWS EXPOSES USC GOALIE WHO MOONED BYU: Maybe you’ve seen or heard about how USC hockey goalie Mickey Meyer wowed the crowd in Logan, Utah with his bare-butt exhibition during a stopage in play at a college hockey game against BYU last weekend.

What was Mickey thinking?
In an email sent to LOS ANGELES DAILY […]


Robert Parish Tells Los Angeles Radio Station He Often Wanted To Choke Bill Laimbeer

CELTICS’ PARISH PUTS L.A. RADIO IN CHOKE HOLD: Former Boston Celtics star Robert “Chief” Parish got all choked up when he talked about his life in the NBA during an interview with “The Loose Cannons” on KLAC-AM Wednesday.

Particularly when it came to reminiscing about what it was like going up against former Detroit Pistons center […]


Israel Baseball League Launched By Former Major Leaguers

BASEBALL THAT’S BOUND TO OFFEND SOMEONE: Former major leaguers Ken Holtzman, Ron Blomberg and Art Shamsky have been hired as managers for the first season of what’ll be called the Israel Baseball League.

Meaning, there’ll be a place for Scott Schoeneweis, Mike Lieberthal, David Eckstein and Shawn Green to play someday.
Six teams — the Bet Shemesh […]


Beyonce OK as SI Swimsuit Covergirl better as Alice in Wonderland

BEYONCE, ONCE AGAIN: We’re not throwing away the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just because the magazine desperately trying to stay afloat has Maxim-ized its marketing by putting a hot recognizable singer on the cover during Grammy season instead of its usual not-so-recognizable model.

But for our tastes, Beyonce’s coming out party as a covergirl came […]


Portland Beavers Offer Promotion for Bob L. Head

BEAVERS BOB FOR DOLL’S TRUE INSPIRATION: The Triple-A Portland Beavers want to give the inspiration for the bobblehead doll his just due. If only they can find him.
At the very least, anyone named Bob L. Head — legally — can apply for the honor at the team’s official website from now until March 31. The […]


Bozeman Has Court Date for Tirade Over Ham Sandwich

THE OTHER WHITE MEAT HAUNTS BOZEMAN: Morgan State basketball coach Todd Bozeman has an April court date following what police called a curse-filled tirade with a restaurant employee over a botched sandwich order.
Bozeman, who was charged with misdemeanor assault along with curse and abuse, appeared before a magistrate and was released on a $1,000 unsecured […]


Dad Takes Out Kid on Wrestling Mat

TAG-TEAM DAD COMES IN TOO LATE: It’s the video all the kids will be talking about for hours to come, long after the injuries are assessed and the laywers are asked to file an opening statement.

This is the report WMAQ-TV in Chicago filed about the dad who bounded in during his 11-year-old son’s wrestling match, […]