Aussie Female Athletes Still Figuring Out Facebook

When Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice got into some trouble for her somewhat racy photos found on her Facebook page, a lot of people (including us) paid attention.

However, fellow Australian Olympian, Nikki Hudson apparently was not among those people taking note.

Hudson, the captain of the Aussie Women’s field hockey team, finds herself in some hot […]


Buckeyes’ Beanie Wells Injured, Carted Off Field

Ohio State Heisman hopeful Chris “Beanie” Wells was carted off the field with a foot injury during the third quarter of the Buckeyes’ 43-0 win in their season opening game today with Youngstown State. With OSU near the goal line for yet another score, their star running back fumbled a hand off and fell to […]


DUI Doesn’t Keep OSU’s Worthington Off the Field

When the #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes took the field to open up their season this afternoon with Youngstown State, their redshirt junior defensive tackle Doug Worthington was there with them. No not as an emotional leader on the sidelines in his sweatsuit, but with the Buckeyes on the field in uniform.

A little more than […]


Mitch ‘Blood’ Green at 51: Still Eloquent, Still Bitter

Mitch “Blood” Green, the former boxer best known for being beaten by Mike Tyson both in and out of the ring in the late 80s, spoke with THE SWEET SCIENCE for a phone interview this week; proving that Green is not only still alive but he also owns a telephone.

The guy pictured above falling victim […]


Blog-O-Rama: Who Cares if the Cold War’s Over?

COED keeps the Cold War alive with pom-poms, spandex and flexible females with their Cold War Cheerleader Challenge.

Is that a “W” next to Carl Pavano’s name in the box score? MY PINSTRIPES thinks that it was all a dream.
Former New Jersey Nets forward Jayson Williams may or may not have shot his limo driver but […]


USA Basketball Restores Order, Brings Home Gold

While you were sleeping or taking part in your usual late night weekend activities USA Basketball was busy restoring order in the world of international basketball and not playing defense in the Gold Medal Game against Spain.

The cleverly titled “Redeem Team” closed out the tournement with a 118-107 victory over Pau Gasol and the politically […]


6th Inning Rally, Error Leads Hawaii to LLWS Finals

For the second time this decade, the 50th state is sending a squad to the World Championships of the Little League World Series, thanks to a miraculous late inning comeback.

The boys from Waipahu scored six in the sixth to come back from a 5-1 deficit in the final inning to beat Lake Charles, LA by […]


HS Vball Team Breaks Unwritten ‘No Spandex Rule’

In almost all cases, wearing Spandex in public is a bad decision. Just ask Bobby Brown. Lafayette High School girls volleyball team of Williamsburg, VA is learning this the hard way.

On Tuesday the Rams scored a key victory, defeating 2007 state runner-up Grafton. Unfortunately that win was almost taken away from Lafayette because the team […]


Beijing Olympics an Economic Disaster for China

For the past two weeks, Beijing has been the center of the world’s attention playing host to record breaking performances in world class athletics. As the Summer Olympics come to a close, the BOSTON GLOBE examines financial impact the Games have had on the host nation.

Victor Matheson, an associate economics professor at Holy Cross writing […]


Not Even Olympics Security Can Stop Valerie Vili

New Zealander Valerie Vili is listed in the Olympic program at 6′3, 242 pounds. Apparently, security guards at Beijing National Stadium didn’t read that program.

Vili, who won the gold in women’s shot put Saturday night, raced off to see her coach and get a New Zealand flag to celebrate once she knew she had beaten […]