Mariners Could Make Kim Ng First Vowel-less GM

General Manager of Major League Baseball team has to rank very highly on the list of ultimate dream jobs. There’s no official rankings that I know of, but it has to be right near the top. You don’t see millions of people pretending they are in footwear sales by logging in to their Fantasy Foot […]


Young Wanted Out Of Playoff Game Last Season

Words like “winner” and “leader” that were up until very recently closely tied to Titans’ quarterback Vince Young have quickly been replaced by: “suicide,” “crazy,” “shrink” and “quitter.” What a difference a week makes.

Just when it seemed like there we had all the Vince-sanity we could handle, PRO FOOTBALL TALK informs us that the Tennessee […]


BlogJam: OSU Better with Bedazzler than Football

BUSTED COVERAGE has photographic evidence that there are plenty of OSU fans who are quietly returning to Columbus today.

INGAMENOW rates the “Best Beards in Sports.” Shockingly, Brady Quinn’s girlfriend was not including.
FANHOUSE informs us that Fox’s experiment with “Team Oriented Analysts” looks to have been scrapped before it started. “Brian Billick has been doing a […]


Irish Eyes Smiling, Weis’ Leg Aching After ND Win

In the first meeting between Charlie Weiss and Rich Rodriguez, it is Notre Dame’s Weis who walks away victorious. Actually he’s not walking, Weis is limping with the support of crutches and a leg wrap. Yes, they make crutches and a leg wrap large enough for the ND coach.

In the second quarter of Notre Dame’s […]


Tiger Woods No Match for 14 Month-Old Daughter

Up until this point all we knew of Sam Woods was that she was the lucky recipient of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Woods’ DNA. Now we know that the daughter of the golf great might be able to do something Ernie Els can’t do. Beat Tiger Woods.

Her dad, Tiger has made a living of […]


Cal Stunningly Loses Game and Lunch in Maryland

College sophomores throwing up on a Saturday morning is not news, unless that college sophomore is vomiting on the 17 yard line after taking a brutal hit all while ESPN’s cameras are rolling and a national audience is watching.

Attempting to receive a pass in the flat Jahvid Best, sophomore running back for #23 California, was […]


Blog-O-Rama: Spending October with The Captain

With Derek Jeter’s October wide open for the first time in 14 years, BUGS AND CRANKS provides some suggested activities to fill up the captain’s calendar.

For your listening pleasure, JOSH Q PUBLIC presents a catalog of musical masterpieces performed by your favorite athletes. Maybe pleasure is the wrong word.
Too much Tequila can get you into […]


Tom Riccio Finds New Ways of Cashing in on O.J.

Say what you will about memorabilia collector Tom Riccio but the guy definitely is making a killing off his pal O.J. Simpson.

Riccio, who has used already used his “fame” gained from recording Simpson stealing memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room to publish a book and thoroughly whore himself out to the media, has come […]


Bar Fight Gets Roger Clemens’ Kid Koby Cuffed

Koby Clemens, the 21-year-old catcher for the Salem Avalanche and son of seven time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, was among three members of the Avalanche who were arrested early Sunday morning for what appears to be a good old fashion bar fight.

On Saturday night several members of the Avalanche team, who close their […]


Iowa Football Charged w/ 22 Crimes Since April ‘07

If you were asked to name a football team that frequently gets into trouble with the law, your first response would most likely be the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yes, the Bengals have put together quite the rap sheet but the Iowa Hawkeyes are quietly putting together a resume of crime that rivals the organization that has employed […]