Mizzou QB Chase Daniel Says a Husker is a Spitter

Missouri’s Chase Daniel looked to be playing with some anger on his face during yesterday’s 52-17 smackdown of Nebraska.

Prior to the game, however, it was spit that could be found on the face of the Tigers’ quarterback. Daniel says an unnamed Husker player spit on him during pre-game warmups. There’s no need to call on […]


One Hundred and Counting for Cursed Cubs Fan

After a successful 162 game campaign, where their Cubs easily rolled into the post-season, Saturday night fans of the cursed franchise found themselves saying “maybe next year” again.

The Dodgers took Game 3, 3-1 at Dodger Stadium sending them to the NLCS where they will take on the winner of the Phillies/Brewers series which was extended […]


Virus Outbreak Keeps Some USC Students Home

Watching last week’s loss to unranked Oregon State might have left a bad feeling in the stomach of USC student’s stomachs, but that stomach pain is nothing in comparison to the vomiting, diarrhea and stomach-cramping that might be dished out at the Coliseum tonight.

(V is for Victory Virus)
An outbreak of what is being described as […]


White Sox Fans Allowed to Booze Beyond the 7th

Just like their neighbors to the North, the White Sox find themselves in an 0-2 hole in the first round of the playoffs.

While Cubs’ fans are turning to Allah for answers to their suffering, White Sox fans seem to be handling their hardships a little better. There are two possible reasons why: 1) They were […]


France Continues to be Unimpressed with Lance

In the United States the human interest story of Lance Armstrong earned the cyclist a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans (including Matthew McConaughey), lots of cash and maybe even an Olsen twin.

In France, however, Lance remains an unpopular figure. In an interview with French sports newspaper L’EQUIPE, Jean-Etienne Amaury the new […]


Bill Murray, Muslims Offer Answers to 0-2 Cubs

One loss away from another season without a championship, the faithful Cub fans don’t seem all that faithful; just scour through some of the more popular Cubs blogs and you’ll find words like: “I guess this means it can be done. But not by this team, not the way it’s playing.” and “What should the […]


Tigers Tortured with Possibility of One More Day

Back in Spring Training many of the baseball experts had predicted the Detroit Tigers with their big name additions would be playing baseball beyond September 28th, the last day of the regular season. While the experts have been wrong about a plethora of predictions, this is one that they may very well have correctly called. […]


Kiffin and Linehan Could be Unemployed Monday

A combination of Rams loss and Al Davis finally doing what he’s been reportedly threatening to do everyday since the season has started could equal a historic Monday.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK notes that the firing of Scott Linehan, which Peter King reported yesterday would happen on Monday should the Rams lose today’s game against the 3-0 […]


BlogJam: Toledo Ranks Number One at Something

JALOPNIK brings you the “Ten Best Tailgating Vehicles,” which includes Toledo fans and their ambulance - which would be a more appropriate tailgating vehicle for Mets fans.

DEADSPIN examines the role jerseys will have in today’s tilt of college football games. Penn State responds to Georgia’s Blackout with Whiteout?
THE 700 LEVEL spots Sarah Palin at “Pat […]


Man Arrested For Posing As A Member of Dodgers

A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a jersey and sneaking on to the field at Dodger Stadium posed as a member of the team.

No that man was not named Andruw Jones. Despite what his stats and gut may tell you he actually is a major league baseball player and currently a member of the […]