Yes, It’s McCourt Divorce Hearing Proceedings Eve

You don’t see family members go at each other in a high-profile court case like this in Los Angeles since the Chandlers gave up the LA Times. So nostalgic. Yes, the epic struggle for control of the Dodgers begins on Thursday, as Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt square off to contest assets in their divorce. […]


Dwight Howard Shows Mary Carey His Magic Wand

Tonight’s bedtime story involves adult film star and former California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey, the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard, and Chris Kirkpatrick from N*SYNC. One of them takes off their pants, and it isn’t Carey. Also there’s Bible verses.
Oh come on, you weren’t going to sleep tonight anyway.

In an interview with a Sacramento radio station […]


Want To Get Away? Gus Johnson Sorry For Gaffe

Gus Johnson had only just gotten over Brandon Stokley’s deflected TD reception against the Bengals when a controversy arose surrounding his interesting choice of words during the Jaguars-Titans game on Sunday. In calling a Chris Johnson touchdown run, Gus said that the Titans running back had “getting-away-from-the-cops speed!” Whoops.

Gus Johnson is very sorry, kind of. […]


Gigantic Ski Jump Ramp At Soldier Field. You First

At first glance you might think that the image below is a Photoshop, but you’d be wrong, my friend. That’s an actual ski ramp built in — actually over — Soldier Field, with a tiny ski jumper in mid-flight, circa 1954. My thoughts: Chicago, wind, man in mid-air about 150 feet off the ground … […]


Was Dodgers’ Padilla Shot By Own Bodyguard?

According to a Nicaraguan newspaper, Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Vicente Padilla didn’t exactly pull a Plaxico when he was accidentally shot in the right leg on Sunday in the town of Masaya. He was target shooting, said THE JOURNAL OF THE NICARAGUANS, which as far as I know is totally legal there.

However, there is another […]


Rest Of Hamed Haddadi Continued In Other Car

How many attendants would you say it takes to get Memphis Grizzlies center Hamed Haddadi in and out of his car? Yep, this is his vehicle, according to photos on his Facebook page; just what I would buy if I were 7-foot-2, 280.

You expect him to any minute extend his legs out of the bottom […]


Celtics And Sam Jones: Estranged Relationship?

Two fun facts about Sam Jones: He was almost a Laker (he was drafted by the Minneapolis Lakers, but completed his military service before entering the NBA); and he played on 10 championship Celtics teams. Yep. More than Larry Bird, John Havlicek, or any other Celtic, besides Bill Russell.

So why, then, is Jones never seen […]


Sprinter’s Workouts Outdraw The Florida Marlins?

The amazing thing about Belgian bodybuilding champ Sarah De Herdt — besides the fact that she has pulled off the rare track & field-slash-bodybuilder-slash-porn star trifecta — is that she publicizes her workouts, and evidently attracts quite a crowd. In fact, the next one is expected to draw in excess of 20,000 people.

I had heard […]


Former Raider Goes Nuts At Youth Football Game

And now, more punchy fun involving the Oakland Raiders, this time without Tom Cable. You may remember Jeremy Brigham (below) as a tight end for the Raiders from 1998-2001 (if so you have a good memory — he scored three career touchdowns). He now lives in the peaceful, leafy Northern California enclave of Pleasanton, where […]


Decision On Oregon’s Blount Could Come Tuesday

As if Jim Harbaugh didn’t have enough to prepare for on Saturday, now there’s rumbling that this may be the week LeGarrette Blount rejoins the Ducks. Of course Stanford’s head coach shouldn’t fret too much; anyone who’s been following college football at all (what do you mean you haven’t?) knows that Oregon is doing passably […]