Behold: Dubya-Emmitt Summit At Cowboys Game

I’m still trying to find a screen grab, but you’ve no doubt seen it live; NBC’s shot of George W. Bush and Emmitt Smith seated next to each other and chatting it up in the owner’s box just before the start of tonight’s playoff game in Dallas.

The Twitter Machine is racing at this hour as […]


USF Report Out; Details Leavitt’s Lies About Abuse

The big USF report is out (when’s it available on Kindle?). The University of South Florida released the 33-page tome today, which was three weeks and 29 interviews in the making, and charges that head coach Jim Leavitt grabbed sophomore Joel Miller by the throat and hit him twice in the face at halftime of […]


Rollback Tide? BCS Trophy Displayed At Wal-Mart

If you hurry you can still get in line to see the BCS Championship Trophy down at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., Wal-Mart, where it will be on display today for the masses who will also appreciate the store’s low, low prices on trucker caps and plastic dinnerware. It’s part of a mini-tour that will also find […]


Michaels: ‘Sooner Or Later 69 Will Be In Your Face’

It’s one of broadcasting’s great truths: Sooner or later, if you’re on the air long enough, you will have your Howard Cosell moment. Cosell, of course, had his a career’s worth of work nearly obliterated by one unfortunate phrase during a 1983 Monday Night Football game, when he blurted during an Alvin Garrett scamper, “Look […]


Hermoine Cheats On Ron Weasly At Rangers Game

For those of you who haven’t seen any of the “Harry Potter” movies because you don’t have kids — or would rather rinse your eyes with bleach — may I remind you that Emma Watson is now over 18, and is quite hot? Thanks for your kind attention on this matter.

She also attends Brown University, […]


Oops, Someone Screwed Up: I Have My Own Blog

So through a series of mixups and comic blunders, someone has given me my own sports blog. It’s over at, and it launches tomorrow at 9 a.m. Title: Out Of Bounds. No, I don’t know the exact url (they tell me very little), but it’ll be promoted on their front page, I’m told. No […]


Georgia HS Would Prefer Not To See Your Nipples

We take you now to Georgia, where cheerleaders hoist giant signs with bible verses at public school football games, and when you play pickup basketball, it had damned well be shirts vs. shirts. Chattooga High School officials recently censored the school’s yearbook, excising pages which depicted male students playing basketball while not wearing shirts.

(Vile porn! […]


Now, Yet More Photos Of Jim Nantz’s Girlfriend

So THE BIG LEAD has some more photos of brodcaster Jim Nantz’s girlfriend, 29-year-old IMG vice president Courtney Richards. For lack of a better way to describe her, I’ll say new-Becky-from-”Roseanne”-meets-Pam-from-”The-Office.”
More photos following the jump.


O (Say Can) U (See): Sooner Anthem Controversy

So the big controversy with the Oklahoma football program right now concerns the lyrics to the National Anthem, the song that commemorates our freedom by reminding us of the musical notes we can never hope to achieve. Ironic that when the typical person hits the most inspiring portion of the song –“and the rockets’ red […]


Are Women’s Basketball Sites Getting Too Sexy?

Take a look at the photo below, from Texas A&M’s women’s basketball site (it’s also a poster). Too much? Are some women’s college teams, like Florida State, depicting their athletes in the sexiest ways possible, so as to distance themselves from the lesbian stereotype? I ask because I care.

(Sexy poster, or deleted scene from HBO’s […]