Jessica’s Dad: Romo Marriage Wouldn’t Surprise

Those rumors of wedding bells between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo could have some legs to them, according to the father of the would-be bride.

FAN NATION picked up on an SI piece in which Joe Simpson was pretty candid about the love betwixt the QB and Yoko Romo.


Harassment Details You Might Not Care To Know

The ongoing saga of fired college volleyball coach Jaye Flood has taken another turn, with former Florida Gulf Coast University players revealing they weren’t exactly broken up about losing her.

This is neither here nor there, and it does not impact someone’s ability to coach volleyball (which Flood apparently did with some level of success), but […]


Blog-On-Blog Action: 36-28-38? Only If She’s 5-3

• ON 205th tells us that the American Gladiators winner used to be a dancer for the Blazers. They also tell us Monica Carlson’s measurements, for good measure.

• THE SONS OF STEVE GARVEY wonder what happened to SI’s photography, post-Rick Reilly. It makes sense when you read it.
• THE FANHOUSE notes that Matt Millen has […]


We’ve Not Heard Last Of The Packers Bikini Girls

Buried at the end of a column published Saturday, the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL has an update on those Lambeau Bikini girls we’ve all come to know and love.

Apparently, the Maxim spread is still very much a possibility. Which is a polite way of saying, “God Bless America.”


McDonald’s Needs To Rethink Dollar Menu Ads

A man in northern England turned a $1 horse bet into nearly $2 million when all eight of his horses came in as winners, some at as much as 10-to-1 odds.

He already seems set to mess it all up, however; his first instinct was to tell his wife. REUTERS tells the story.


Drinking 50 Red Bulls A Day Just Isn’t Healthy

The bizarre tale of former soccer star Paul Gascoigne’s detention under the Mental Health Act took an even stranger turn if we are to believe a report in THE SUN.

Gazza, as they call him, apparently hasn’t just struggled with life after sports; rather, he’s also struggled with how to not drink 50 Red Bulls every […]


Is There Evidence Of Clemens at Canseco Party?

In what could be a fairly damaging blow to Roger Clemens’ steroid defense, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting there is photographic evidence of Clemens at the now-famous Jose Canseco party.

Apparently an 11-year-old boy had a camera and was taking pictures of all his heroes.


This Cheerleader Movie Is On The Wrong Channel

Would you like to see Ashley Benson starring in an awesome, raunchy movie about five Texas cheerleaders who are out of control?

Well, too bad. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER indicates such a movie has been given the go-ahead … by Lifetime.


Indiana AD Says Decision On Sampson Is Made

An announcement on Kelvin Sampson’s fate at Indiana will come later this afternoon. The coach does not know what it is, but his fate is sealed, according to Indiana AD Rick Greenspan (whose colleague is obviously not familiar with the works of Ray Bradbury and others).

ESPN’s Andy Katz has the details.


Patriots Gamble, Decline To Franchise Randy Moss

The New England Secret Filmers Patriots decided not to put the franchise tag on Randy Moss, who set an NFL record with 23 TD catches this season.

It’s hard to tell exactly what this means. Just ask the HARTFORD COURANT, which spent the first two paragraphs of a story talking about the decision thusly.