Long-suffering Cheerleaders Finally Get Trophies

Florida held the state’s first-ever sanctioned high school championship for cheerleading this weekend, a historic moment because cheerleading was defined as a “sport” for this event. That has prompted an internal SbB review of the burning question: is cheerleading a sport?

Hmm, the image is inconclusive. Let’s check out pieces from the recap of the event […]


Hold The Mayo: O.J. Sticking Around At USC?

Standout USC guard O.J. Mayo said after a big win yesterday against Stanford that “so far” he is planning on sticking around for a sophomore season instead of jumping to the NBA. He also very much enjoys the ladies of Southern California so far (that’s just my guess).

INSIDE USC has the words from the man […]


People Would Be Happy To Stalk This Cheerleader

Let’s end the day with the bizarre story of a University of Florida cheerleader who falsely claimed she was being stalked. Turned out she was kind of stalking herself. And she got arrested. Nice.

See, Lauren Beard doesn’t look all that crazy. The GAINESVILLE SUN tells us otherwise.


Get Your Terrelle Pryor Action Figure While It’s Hot

Usually you have to save a bunch of kids using your superpowers to warrant an action figure. But thanks to the folks at MONDESI’S HOUSE, we now know you just have to play high school sports.

Yes, Terrelle Pryor, a talented high school athlete from Pennsylvania, has a little doll fashioned in his likeness.
At the risk […]


We Bet She Could Beat Anna Kournikova, Too

A fantastic story was unearthed via the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, which features the hottest new member of the Grand Canyon University tennis team: 60-year-old Sheila Johnson. (Photo from TENNIS WEEK).

“The Antelopes’ newest addition became eligible for AARP 10 years ago, was born during the Truman era and understands the Pythagorean theorem - but not […]


Jaworski: Randy Moss Deal Could Be Falling Apart

Ron Jaworski told SPORTS RADIO 950 WPEN in Philadelphia that the deal with the Patriots and Randy Moss could be on shaky ground.

“’Throughout the day what I do is talk to people around the National Football League and it is my understanding that that deal is not done yet,’ Jaworski said on the Jody McDonald […]


Nicole Manske: The You-Know-Who Of NASCAR

It turns out that it’s not just Brent Musburger who is stalking a certain sideline reporter, I will leave it to THE BIG LEAD to draw connections between Erin Andrews and the comely Nicole Manske.

Before we discuss Ms. Manske further, we just realized we’ve reaching our Erin Andrews quota for the day, so we assure […]


Brent Musburger Now Cyberstalking Erin Andrews

Here’s a fun little find from COLLEGE HOOPS JOURNAL: Video of Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin creating yet another uncomfortable moment for Erin Andrews.

I have a lot of favorite parts. I shall try to explain them.


Police Discover Noose Near Tilghman’s Old House

In a good example of, “Hey, maybe things have gone a little too far,” a noose was placed near the entrance to the former home of THE GOLF CHANNEL’s Kelly Tilghman, who was suspended two weeks for the infamous Tiger-lynch comment.

Tilghman and Nick Faldo might be the whitest people ever. But that’s no reason […]


World Champ BoSox Still Need Self-Esteem Boost

The Boston Red Sox are back, and just as dominant as they were last year. But don’t just take my word for it. Trust Boston College.

The teams — pro vs. college — played a seven-inning “game” yesterday. It was a fair contest much in the way a prancing deer against a high-powered rifle with a […]