How’s That D-Train And Cabrera Trade Looking?

The overwhelming sentiment from baseball’s offseason was that the Tigers made a formidable team practically invincible by adding Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera in a trade with the fire sale-minded Marlins.

And yes, I know it’s only 11 games into the season. But, um, the Tigers are 2-9, almost got no-hit yesterday and put Willis on […]


Workers Find Red Sox Jersey At Yankee Stadium

The curse is over! Workers spent five hours jackhammering concrete at the new Yankee Stadium to remove the David Ortiz jersey buried there last week by Gino Castignoli (dramatic re-enactment starring Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer below).

As one might expect, the NY POST was all over it, breaking the news of the recovery earlier today:


Anna Kournikova Kind Of Competing In Triathlon

Not satisfied that she has sullied the sports world or fueled the imaginations of males aged 13-85 enough, Anna Kournikova today is a triathlete. Sort of.

Well, maybe she’s not quite entirely a triathlete. This if for charity, so I’ll go easy, but it sounds like she only did the running part (four miles). At least […]


Tiger Woods Believes That He’s Such A Dumbass

I’m a little surprised this isn’t getting more play today, but it appears GOLFWEEK.COM is the only other publication on the Googles that heard what I heard yesterday on hole 15 of the Masters: Tiger Woods shouting “dumbass!” at himself after an errant tee shot.

Sorry, but I just think it’s pretty funny when the best […]


Cheerleaders: Someone Beat Brooks To Big Idea

Let me close my portion of things today with some words about CHEER, a new book that chronicles a year in the life of several cheerleaders. Seriously, Brooks: asleep at the wheel.

NPR recently interviewed author Kate Torgovnick about the book, which follows several different college cheerleaders at a close distance. The book description, while interesting, […]


Floyd Mayweather’s Lady Friend Sure Loves Shoes

A nice pair of new kicks can make anyone — man or woman — feel good about their day. Nine pairs of new shoes that cost a total of $4,600? Well, I can’t say that should make you feel nine times as good. It would, however, help you remember the words to “Waterfalls,” apparently.

Yes, the […]


LeBron Snatches Gisele From Brady’s Clutches

Maybe that headline is a tad, well, misleading. But LeBron does look rather menacing on the cover of VOGUE with the Super Bowl loser’s sweetheart, the lovely Ms. Bundchen. You agree?

Gisele discusses LeBron’s body size in the story, apparently. Um, Tom, worried yet?


Media To Peja: But We Can’t Stay Here All Night

Peja Stojakovic might be a great guy and a pretty good basketball player. But he is a terrible bowler — and is even worse as a man trying to back up a bold claim with a bold action. Behold:

He tells the assembled media they have to stay until he rolls a strike; on his next […]


Beavers Are Bad. Everyone: How Bad Are They?

The biggest moment in the Pac-10 yesterday wasn’t UCLA’s illegal escape against Cal (shots over the backboard shouldn’t count; that was obvious to everyone but the officials), nor was it USC’s big win over Stanford. No, the top item from the Pac-10 was Oregon State’s date with history.

Is it a Beaver or a donut? It’s […]


Ease Your Mind: Olympic Terror Plot Was Foiled!

I’m not sure if this is mostly good news or bad news from the Associated Press. The good, of course, is that a terroristic plot was foiled. The bad? Well, um, how are these Beijing Olympics going to work out?

From the AP:
“Chinese police killed alleged terrorists plotting to attack the Beijing Olympics, while a flight […]