Curse Or Worse: Did Cubs Throw 1918 Series?

The 1919 Black Sox are forever embedded, for better or worse, in the history of our national pastime for conspiring to throw the World Series. But a recent development leads THE SPORTING NEWS to wonder if the Cubs of 1918 also might have been guilty of the same thing. They might only be looking at […]


FIA’s Mosley Wants Another Year of Nazi Love

Max Mosley, the Formula One President whose bizarre Nazi love tape might be the greatest sports story of 2008, says he would like to keep his job for one more year before stepping down in 2009.

It’s possible, of course, that the decision won’t be left up to him. The ASSOCIATED PRESS has more details.


NBA Jam: Nuggets’ Bus Heating Up. It’s On Fire!

One of the Denver Nuggets’ team buses caught fire on the Santa Monica Freeway on Sunday as the team made its way to Game 1 of its playoff series with the Lakers.

In what must have been quite a scene, Nuggets players waited on the side of the highway for 30 minutes for the other bus […]


Blog-O-Rama: ADHD In Baseball; Repeat That?

• STEROID NATION has a look at ADHD drugs as they pertain to baseball.
• YOU BEEN BLINDED says Stephen A. Smith wants the draft rigged in favor of the Knicks. Like that would ever happen (cough: Patrick Ewing).

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT breaks down the Bernard Hopkins beat down.


Hockey Player Picks A Fight With His Own Goalie

Hockey fights are not uncommon. Hockey fights between teammates? Well, those are a little bit more rare. But it happened last night in an IHL semifinal game, and the Fort Wayne Komets were the offending team. This is a fantastic find (via CANT STOP THE BLEEDING), and there is great news to accompany it: video.

Why […]


Danica Patrick No Longer Kournikova Of Racing

Danica Patrick silenced critics who said she was just a pretty face by becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race when she took home the title at the Japan 300. Presumably, she did so with a shirt on and with both hands on the wheel instead of one touching her left breast.

I’ll skip […]


The Big Hurt Will No Longer Need His Passport

The Blue Jays and slugger DH Frank Thomas have parted ways, a decision that came one day after Thomas balked at a reduced role with the Jays.

(“Hold me, Barry.” “Hold me, Frank.”)
Thomas was released Sunday by the Blue Jays, just a year after hitting 26 home runs and knocking in 95 runs for Toronto. The […]


Cubs Fans Show Off Inaccurate Love Of Fukudome

What I meant to say was, “I need two tickets to Pittsburgh.” What I actually said was … oh, sorry. In a related story, Cubs fans are crazy about their man Kosuke Fukudome. They just don’t really know how to express it very well.

While the imported outfielder appreciates all the well-wishes and signs, he does […]


Former Tennis Prodigy — Not Anna — Now A Nun

Those of you who watched tennis when watching tennis was cool will probably remember Andrea Jaeger, a young star from the early 1980s who rose as high as No. 2 in the world by the time she was 16.

And now? She’s a nun.


Blog-O-Rama: Coverage of ‘Patron Race Walk?’

• The AOL FAN HAUS has a novel idea: let’s have coverage of the 8 a.m. patron stampede at Augusta.
• DEADSPIN has your Manchester vs. Arsenal live blog love.

• Timberwolves fans are not happy that their team keeps winning. TNABACG explains.