It’s Just About Time for 1988’s Most Exciting Event

That’s right folks. We’re mere hours away from crowning jewel of NBA All-Star Weekend — the Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout, better known today as the Yawn Bore Snooze and the Change The Channel.
Maybe it’s because I’m old and crotchety, but I remember when the Dunk contest was cool. Michael Jordan. Dominique Wilkins. […]


Will the NFL Soon Have Its First Female Referee?

I’m a ladies man. Not in the sense that I hook up with a lot of chicks, but more along the lines of my belief in equality for women. Which is why I’m all for Erin Meehan having her dream of becoming an NFL referee come true.

The 37-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla., resident refs all levels […]


Sources Saying Bibby on His Way to Atlanta Hawks

THE SACRAMENTO BEE is all over their beat, reporting today that sources close to the program are saying the Kings are on the verge of dealing Mike Bibby to the Hawks for guards Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue and forwards Lorenzen Wright and Shelden Williams.

It’s your basic deal. One team (Sacramento) looking to rebuild, while […]


Liverpool Suffers Shocking Loss, or So I’m Told

I’m not what you would call a soccer expert. I only figured out the offside rule in 2004. But apparently Liverpool losing to some team called Barnsley in the FA Cup is a pretty big deal.

Some are calling this is the biggest upset in European soccer history. Others are saying, “Barnsley sounds like the name […]


When Your League Folds, Just Go on a Rampage

I bet you thought when it came to Vikings and illegal activity, Minnesota and its sex cruise would stand alone. You thought wrong. Members of the Jamestown (NY) Vikings, a Mid-Atlantic Hockey League team, went on a rampage after finding out the league was going belly-up.

After the league announced the season was canceled, some Vikings […]


Blog-O-Rama: Phillies Land Pitcher With Hot Wife

• PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY is excited about the arrival of Anna Benson to the Philly area. Also, some guy named Kris Benson will be pitching for the Phillies as well.

• THE BUFFALO NEWS is happy to report that Richard Zednik, who also has a pretty hot wife, has been released from the hospital.
• I’ve been saying […]


Kidd Pretends to Be Happy About Trade Collapse

According to THE STAR-LEDGER (NJ), the eight-player trade between the Mavs and Nets is pretty much dead, thanks to NBA superstar Devean George’s desire to block the deal.

You’d think Jason Kidd would be pretty upset about this, but alas, he’s completely charged about staying with a team that’s seven games under .500. I always find it fun […]


Jorge Posada Believes Roger Clemens. Seriously.

In what I have to assume is a terrible attempt at sarcasm, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has gone on the record saying that despite the hearings last week where Roger Clemens revealed he didn’t know what a vegan was, he completely believes that Clemens didn’t take HGH or steroids.

Posada told the DAILY NEWS, “I support […]


Matt Walsh Still Unwilling to Spill Beans on Pats

Former New England Patriots employee Matt Walsh, who is bidding to become the most famous video assistant of all time, is ready to talk about the team’s illegal videotaping practices with the NFL.

But like a mob informant ready to turn state’s evidence, he won’t say anything until he gets immunity from the NFL, which according […]


Erin Andrews May Not Know Definition of Honest

Is this post an excuse to run a photo of Erin Andrews? Perhaps. But the intrepid sideline reporter used her feminine wiles journalistic skills to her advantage and sat in on an Indiana basketball practice Friday.

After spending some quality time with coach Kelvin Sampson, whose days at the school could be numbered after allegedly breaking recruiting rules again, […]