Long Snapper For Bears Selling Services For $150 Per Hour

Ever wanted to learn the intricacies of long snapping?
I know, same here.
Patrick Mannelly of the Chicago Bears, a nine-year NFL veteran, has created LONGSNAPPER.COM, where he offers several tricks of the trade — from the proper grip to the correct stance.

Mannelly, who happens to be the son-in-law of former Major League pitcher Tommy John, also […]


Fidel Castro Death Could Pack Orange Bowl

If you follow college football at all, you know the Miami Hurricanes have trouble filling the Orange Bowl for most home games. In fact, they’re lucky to draw 50,000 fans.

Well, it seems there might finally be a way for “The U” to pack the joint. And all the ‘Canes have to do is assassinate Fidel […]


PGA Tour Pins TV Success on Tiger\’s Trail

The good people at THE ORLANDO SENTINEL have made their submission to the worst-headline-of-the-week contest with this gem: Tiger Controls Ratings.
Who’d have figured, right?
In other news, the paper reports that Red Grange has committed to teh University of Illinois, the Yankees are high on this Mickey Mantle kid and Wilt Chamberlain digs women.
The story […]


Wedding Passers

Many things can ruin a bride’s special day - bad cake, weird relatives, a lame DJ.
And, of course, an off-target spiral.
THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that a couple in Florida has filed suit over a 2003 incident in which a thrown football smashed into the jaw of just-married Claudette Siar, who was putting out a […]


Deion Sanders Has Designs On Becoming Print Journalist

Guess who’s writing for the THE AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN …

Introducing ON THE LINE WITH PRIME, a somewhat regular online blog in which Deion Sanders, part-owner of the Austin Wranglers arena football team, weighs in on what’s hot in sports. In his most recent effort, Prime Time longs for the day in which the skin color of […]


Housekeeper teaches Trail Blazers about class

THE OREGONIAN’S John Canzano reports about a housekeeper who recently found a “$100 bill on the carpet of the Trail Blazers locker room, not far from Travis Outlaw’s locker.”
Sara Farfan, 48, is a wife, mother of four and grandmother of five. She works part-time at the Rose Garden Arena and is an immigrant from Mexico […]


Newspapers Ranks Top Sports Movie Couples Of All Time

Apparently, someone at THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES was bored beyond belief. How do we know this? Because the paper compiled a list of the greatest athlete-celebrity couples of all time.

After rating them in different categories on a scale of 1 to 50 and tabulating the totals, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe easily triumphed, with Andre […]


Alabamas Tricky Nick Saban Lies In Wait For Top College Football Recruits

Is this a face you can trust?

If you’re a hot-shot high school recruit, apparently the answer is “Yes.”
After visiting Tricky Nick in Tuscaloosa, Tampa Plant High quarterback Robert Marve, one of the South’s most heralded players, told BAMAONLINE.COM: “Coach Saban and I talked and it went really well. He was straightforward and honest. He […]