UCLA\’s Pauley Pavilion Gets a Makeover

In what could be the greatest facelift ever performed in West L.A., applications from plastic surgeons/bonafide contractors are accepted by the UCLA athletic department officials as it begins reconstruction of one the grandest faces in all of sports.
UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, built in 1965 for about $5 million, needs new locker rooms, a video room, a […]


Ricky Manning Merits Mag Mention For Dubious Achievement

It takes some talent to merit mention in ESQUIRE magazine’s annual “Dubious Achievements,” part of the Feburary issue.

In amongst the list that includes an Arkansas mayor who told two local women he’d prevent their water from being shut off in exchange for sex is Chicago Bears cornerback Ricky Manning Jr., who was charged with assault […]


Kwame Brown takes the cake

LET HIM WEAR CAKE: A guy in Hermosa Beach is walking down the street at about 2 a.m., after celebrating his 30th birthday, and runs into Lakers forward Ronny Turiaf.
Oh, did we mention the guy had a gigantic birthday cake in his arms?

And that Lakers center Kwame Brown shows up, and pushes the cake into […]


Chisley Assested for Murder

Police blotter update: LaVon Chisley, a former Penn State defensive lineman, was arrested in the killing of a student who was stabbed 93 times last spring.

Not 91. Or 92. But 93.
You couldn’t see this coming. There’s a story on him in the Penn State DAILY COLLEGIAN back in April, 2005 where the writer notes […]


Victoria Spice in Playboy?

Once David and Victoria Beckham get into town, they’ve already got an offer on the table for a photoshoot.
Well, at least Vicky does.
SKYNEWS reports that Hugh Hefner’s girls — Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison — want to share some space on the pages of Playboy with Posh.

Works for us.


Roedo stuff

Why rodeos never get old:

That there is Dustin Bird of Cut Bank, Mont., flippin’ a spitty calf during the tie-down roping part of the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals. It almost looks like a deleted scene from “Charlotte’s Web.”

And here’s Kyle Orr speed-dialing God after a fall in the bareback ridin’ portion of the same […]


ESPN goes Australian

Today marks the debut of the newest ESPN venture: The Australian SportsCenter. Not sponsored by Outback Steakhouse.
The network hired more than a dozen sports journalists and personalities from Australia and moved most of them to Connecticut. The show is to run every hour throughout the morning in Australia and updated at 6 p.m. EST, after […]


World Cup skiiing need snow

The ingredients for a World Cup ski meet:
Competitors. Check.
A mountain. Check.
Medals. Check.
Snow. Check with Al Gore on that.
They’ve been dispatching helicopters to transport bags full of show to the Hahnenkamm cracing course for the upcoming men’s World Cup race in Kitzbuehel, Austria. They’ll need 50 truckloads of snow to be brought up to the country’s […]


Beckham gets U.K. psychic\’s backing

Back to the subject of David Beckham, and to those who like to predict things.
The Internet Website Intertops.com has set up a few exotic wagers for those who like to throw their cash away.
Once Beckham gets to L.A., the gambling site says you can these odds that Beckham:
Gets a DUI = 10 to 1
Stars in […]


Simpson\’s book

According to the new Jan. 22 issue of NEWSWEEK, assistant managing Editor Mark Miller infers from reading the crucial chapter of “If I Did It,” O.J. Simpson’s highly controversial “hypothetical” account of the murders
of his ex-wife and her friend, that it is “striking about the chapter I read, ‘The Night in Question,’ how closely it […]