Track Couture Creates New NASCAR Wear For Women

Them there news the other day that fast-rising superstar and former “American Idol” champ Kelly Clarkson has become the new face, voice and bod for NASCAR made us think back to that line from “Talledega Nights”, about how women are really the true voice of the sport…
“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” […]


Sean Salisbury Promotes Nutrisystem

NutriSystem is apparently the new buzzword in male weight loss, thanks to Dan Marino and his formerly portly friends.

But according to one testimonial given by the ex-jocks/paid endorsers in the latest commercial spots, this stuff might be better than Viagra.
We had to rewind the new TV ad a couple of times because we were in […]


Poker Magazines Go For the Hotties On The Cover

For some reason, we’re finding it tougher to distinguish between the legit card-player magazines and the stuff that the 7-Eleven clerks have to hide behind the counter.
Start with TOP PAIR, billed as “entertainment for poker players” (it must be a success because we haven’t found any new issue since the Oct./Nov. 2006 publication).
The stories tend […]


Charlie Weis Malpractice Lawsuit From Bypass Goes To Trial

Too bad Charlie Weis couldn’t really keep the pounds off after he had monstrous gastric bypass surgery in 2002.
But that’s not the guts of a malpractice lawsuit that the Notre Dame football coach has filed against two Massachusetts General Hospital physicians that is set to go to trial next month.

The fact Weis “nearly died” […]


Michael Vick Is Innocent? Really?

Michael Vick is a criminal.
Michael Vick has been cleared.
Oh, really?
The Atlanta Falcons’ slippery QB has to be guilty of something, right?
We admit we have trouble keeping our stories straight on this alleged bong water episode at the Miami Airport last week, one that immediately had Vick cuffed and in an orange jump suit in the […]


Carson Palmer Is A Cartoon As Far As Disney Goes

One way Carson Palmer has stayed clear of being arrested like his other Bengals teammates? He changes into cartoon form.

Maybe the only reason the Cincinnati Kid QB agreed to lend his voice in an upcoming episode of the Disney Channel’s animated “The Replacements” was just to impress K-Fed’s offspring.
“The Replacements,” not to be confused with […]


Nationals Owner Lerner Can\’t Remember Family Members Names

After reading about the Leonard Tose-like performance of Washington Nationals owner Ted Lerner on the Sports Dude website – he confused the names of his daughters and blanked on his grandson’s name during a speech at George Washington University - it’s surprising he didn’t refer to his own team as the Senators.

Hopefully, he’s letting someone […]


Tampa Bay Bucs VP Joel Glazer Accused of Ruining Rental Home in Palm Beach

If the Tampa Bay Bucccaneers can tear apart their roster and rebuild in time for the 2007 regular season as quickly as their team VP and his wife can tear up a rental house, Vegas may have to adjust the odds on their playoff chances.
According to a story in the PALM BEACH POST, the owner […]


Dick Vitale Goes Off Course During Louisville-UConn Basketball Game

You’d assume a professional broadcaster like Dick Vitale wouldn’t often get sidetracked while calling college basketball games for ESPN. But the website Card Chronicle has clear evidence to the contrary.

The University of Louisville fan blog counted - for the record - 156 references that didn’t pertain at all to the Louisville-UConn game that was in […]


Man Shoots Himself Celebrating Reggie Bush Touchdown

Chicago’s 39-14 win over New Orleans in the NFC title game Sunday wasn’t enough for some Bears fans.
Chicago football followers still can’t get over the fact that Saints rookie running back Reggie Bush flipped into the end zone and taunted the Bears’ Brian Urlacher on that 88-yard touchdown run that cut the lead at the […]