Dolphins Take Their Time, But Colts Take The Win

• The Dolphins held the ball for more than 30 minutes longer than the Colts, but it was Peyton Manning & Co. who left Land Shark Stadium with a 27-23 win on Monday night.

• It’s a Twitter trifecta: First, Redskins rookie LB Robert Henson takes “dim wit” Washington fans to task for booing at FedEx […]


Killer of HS Cheerleader Gets Life Without Parole

Marisha Jeter was a popular student at Union County High School in South Carolina, where she made her mark as a cheerleader, honor student, junior class president and member of the school band & her church choir. But the 16-year-old’s life was tragically cut short when she was kidnapped & murdered by a deranged couple.

And […]


Romo, Jones Get Picky In Cowboys Stadium Debut

• The Dallas Cowboys’ brand-new billion-dollar stadium was christened with a plethora of picks, courtesy of Tony Romo & Jerry Jones.

• Seems that the only thing that could possibly slow down the Florida Gators is the dreaded swine flu.
• Sadly, four Gator fans were killed in a small plane crash after returning from Saturday’s game […]


Steve Smith Explains His Love/Hate Of Delhomme

Not a lot of people in Carolina are happy with Jake Delhomme right now. The Panthers QB has turned the ball over 10 times in his last two games, and Delhomme looked downright deplorable in Carolina’s 38-10 beatdown at the hands of the Eagles. Among those who’ve voiced displeasure with Delhomme is Panthers WR Steve […]


CFB Recap: Seminoles Pummel Cougars In Provo

And now a quick recap of your late college football contests:

Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Top 10, BYU. Just as Oregon had earlier busted Utah’s chances of a BCS-busting season, the Cougars saw their dreams of a big BCS payday go up in smoke in a 54-28 massacre at the hands of the […]


CFB Update 2: Locker, Huskies Take Down Trojans

Earlier this week, Pete Carroll raise a few eyebrows when he more or less said that Washington’s Jake Locker was a better QB than Terrelle Pryor. After all, Carroll’s Trojans just beat Terrelle’s Buckeyes, and #3 USC was expected to humiliate the Huskies up in Seattle today. I mean, come on - Washington was winless […]


Michael Beasley to Be Out of Rehab This Weekend

It’s been quite a tumultuous month for Michael Beasley. The Miami Heat forward has spent most of it in rehab in Houston after sending out some strange messages on Twitter - and putting up a pic with what looks to be pot.

But it seems that Michael’s time in the safe house is coming to a […]


CFB Update 1: Business As Usual For Big 10 Boys

And now a quick recap of Saturday’s early finals, with some selective commentary thrown in.

After last weekend’s exciting matchups, it was back to business as usual for the Big Ten’s big boys, doing what they do best - beat up on MAC schools. Coming off of a heartbreaking loss to USC, Ohio State took out […]


Clemens Using Twitter To Take McNamee To Task

Roger Clemens must have been disappointed to learn this week that his defamation lawsuit against Brian McNamee was thrown out. But Brian can be assured that this isn’t the last he’s heard from the Rocket. Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin is already appealing to revive Roger’s lawsuit.

More importantly, Clemens has found a new outlet for his […]


Browns Player Fined $1,701 Over $3 Bottled Water

Eric Mangini is certainly making an impression in Cleveland. The Browns coach has so far sent rookies on a 10-hour bus trip to work at a “voluntary” football camp, demanded $500,000 worth of changes to the coaching offices, and has even been accused of spreading “diva” rumors about Michael Crabtree (although that last item seems […]