New Twins Ad Features Joe Mauer In Bubble Wrap

The Minnesota Twins are leaving the Metrodome and relocating to the brand-new state-of-the-art Target Field. To remind fans of this fact, the Twins have put together a TV commercial showing movers at the new digs delivering the goods - such as boxes, championship trophies, and Joe Mauer encased in bubble wrap.

Video of the full ad […]


DUI Motorized Chair Brings In Bucks For MN Town

Check out the souped-up motorized recliner below:

So, how much would you pay for such customized comfort? $100? $200? $43,500? And what if I told you that there’s a criminal story behind the self-propelled seat?


Missing North Dakota Softball Players Found Dead

Three softball players from Dickinson State University in North Dakota who had been missing since Sunday have been found dead. After a day and a half of ground & air searches, rescue teams found a vehicle submerged in a nearby pond - with the three girls dead inside.

(L to R: Kyrstin Gemar, Ashley Neufeld, Afton […]


Despite Reports, Ex-Viking O. Thomas Is Still Alive

The Minnesota Vikings had some sad news to share on Wednesday - former All-Pro safety Orlando Thomas had passed away. Officials from Orlando’s alma mater, the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, had informed the team of Thomas’ passing, so the Vikings put up the story on their official website. Upon learning this information, the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE also […]


The Sad Saga of Steve Phillips, ESPN Philanderer

Quite a revealing day for Steve Phillips & Brooke Hundley, wasn’t it?

With his one-week suspension & following self-imposed leave of absence, Steve-O will have plenty of time to think about what he’s done - and plenty of time to track down a good divorce lawyer. Meanwhile, this experience should aid Brooke in dispensing out some […]


Greg Norman, Chris Evert End 15-Month Marriage

Well, that was quick. Only 15 months after tying the knot, Greg Norman & Chris Evert have untied it.

(And they said it wouldn’t last. And they were right!)
The golf champ & tennis star, both 54, were engaged in South Africa in December in 2007 and married in the Bahamas the following June. But their union […]


Week In Review: Cowboys Can’t Pick Any Winners

• The new Cowboys Stadium opens with a couple of embarrassing picks, courtesy of Tony Romo & Jerry Jones.

• Well, at least the fans had fun inside the new digs in Dallas - unless you had a “party pass” but weren’t allowed in.
• An angry Oregon fan wants his travel expenses back after watching the […]


Plaxico’s First Night In Jail Could Have Gone Better

• How did Plaxico Burress’ first night behind bars go? Fine - if you discount the other inmate taunts of “A**hole!” & “The Giants suck!”

• Washington State RB James Montgomery underwent surgery on his injured knee last Sunday. And doctors soon learned that it was a good thing James didn’t delay - or he might […]


Plaxico Given Rude Reception In 1st Night In Jail

Plaxico Burress began his two-year stint as a special guest of the New York state correctional facility system on Tuesday night, and the reception the ex-Giants receiver received couldn’t have been warmer. In fact, it was downright heated.

Plaxico’s first stop was an evening at Rikers Island, where the jailbirds were crowing at him at every […]


KU Football, B-Ball Players Brawl In Campus Clash

• Rock Chalk Jayh…POW! Fights break out between football and basketball players for the University of Kansas - and some claim that a couple of n-bombs were dropped.

• An Iowa inmate gets let out of jail for the day so he can go see the Red Sox play the Royals in person.
• Two Costa Rican […]