Zorn Likes Road Kill; Alexander Signing Explained

Washington Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn is no Bill Belichick.  While the Pats chief is known for his mastery of the art of “coachspeak” (that is, saying nothing at all of note in his press conferences), Zorn spent some time recently telling a reporter of his experience picking up and skinning road kill.

(How fitting that […]


Bobcats Owner Not Really Into Whole NBA Thing

It’s a pretty safe bet that if you make Mark Cuban look like the most refined and respected franchise owner in the room, you are probably not the shining beacon of NBA ownership.  Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (link is to video) in an interview intended to be about the league’s 9% labor […]


All U.S. Resources Drained, Daly Invades Europe

Now that poor play has overcome Americans’ penchant for beer-gutted “everymen” who make Joe Sixpack seem athletic and cultured, John Daly will be taking his act to the European Tour.  Having outlasted most of his PGA Tour performance exemptions and now relying on a dwindling few sponsor invitations in the States, Big John needs a […]


Rock %$&* Jayhawk! Kansas Cussin’ Not A-OK?

As the 2008 college football season nears halftime, media outlets debate national title contenders, conference match-ups with BCS implications loom, and fans across the country debate the merits of their favorite teams on message boards and blogs.  But in Lawrence, Kansas, a different showdown has grabbed headlines.  Namely, whether the drunken KU student section should […]


Bowden, Clemson Have Feelings, Too, You Know

Football is a sensitive sport, played and coached by delicate men who don’t like to have their feelings hurt.  At least, that’s the message coming out of Clemson, where Tommy Bowden’s Tigers used their off week to reconnect with their emotions.

(Tommy’s Tigers shouldn’t have to tell you when they’re upset!)
According to the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, […]