Steelers’ Dump Truck No Longer In Deep Doo-Doo

Steelers running back Najeh Davenport, renowned for his skills in hamper defecation, has recently gotten himself into some trouble for allegedly slapping and punching his baby momma, Anita Pearson. But now he can wipe his behind and his record clean, as he was acquitted of the misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, child endangering and unlawful […]


RoyWill: The Second-Closest I’ve Been To Divorce

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is making it up to Tar Heel fans upset about his rooting his former team - y’know, the one that beat them in the Final Four - by forgoing his vacation in Europe with his family to attend a recruiting event, TARHEELBLUE.COM reveals.

The younger Williams moved to London last […]


‘86 Sox Could’ve Had A Cran-tastic Championship

SETH.COM shows us the celebratory libation the Boston Red Sox had waiting for them in the locker room during the 1986 World Series, and it was cran-tastic.

Ocean Spray might do it for taking a twi-night doubleheader in July against the Orioles, but for the truly special occasions, you need the extra oomph of Cranberry Blush. […]


Yao Ming Employs Ancient Chinese Secret On Foot

Yao Ming has decided to spurn Western Hemisphere’s stubborn adherence to modern medicine to heal his fractured foot. REUTERS is reporting the Rockets’ center is turning to the cryptic-sounding answer of “traditional Chinese medicine.”

“There is no reason to dismiss (traditional Chinese medicine),” Yao said. “It’s been used in our country for […]


Does No One Have A Use For An Old Fat Pitcher?

THE BOSTON GLOBE ponders why, with a few starting rotation vacancies on several teams, has David Wells not been offered a contract. Boomer, who last pitched with the Dodgers last season (doing pretty well, actually: going 4-1 in seven starts), would be entering his 22nd year in the bigs if an offer does come over […]


Rich Rodriguez To Blame For Pacman & Henry?

The FAIRMONT TIMES WEST VIRGINIAN ran a op-ed column today that lays much of the responsibility for the misdeeds of former Mountaineers Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry at the feet of their former (and now Michigan) head coach, Rich Rodriguez.

“But it must be said the university — especially the football program run at the […]


Bloganalia: Rick Reilly Can Forget That Oscar

• FANHOUSE shows that movie critics cite the weakness of Rick Reilly’s pet project “Leatherheads” being, actually, Rick Reilly.

• THE TIMES takes a moment to remind us of the origins of the Olympic Torch relay: Hitler.
• WITHLEATHER has the response from Formula One president Max Mosley about the Nazi hooker video.


Bobby Knight Does His Best Tar Heels Impression

THE SPORTS HERNIA bring us this screengrab of Bob Knight looking like he’s about to keel over and go all Charlton Heston on us following the Tar Heels’ defeat at the hands of the Jayhawks last night.

I can imagine Dick Vitale, recently at death’s door himself with a cancer diagnosis, trying to revive Knight. “Hey, […]


Wanted: Food, Beverage Taster For Jose Canseco

You don’t blow the lid off baseball’s darkest secrets without expecting some retribution. Jose Canseco knows this. That’s why he knows the hit is coming. It will be swift and brutal. And likely in his coffee, as CHICAGOSPORTS.COM illustrates.

“A courtesy cup of black coffee was waiting for Jose Canseco on Friday when he arrived at […]


Derrick Rose Masters The Art Of Muffled Profanity

You’ll forgive the strained Outkast reference when you watch this clip of the Memphis postgame press conference, found by Will Brinson at THE SPORTING BLOG, in which Derrick Rose utters a little sotto voce profanity in response to a question about him to teammate Joey Dorsey.

Amazing what those microphones can pick up. Of course, he […]