Pete Guerrero Above Ground; Thanks State Farm!

As a public service, State Farm would like to remind you that Pedro Guerrero is still alive (remember, Eddie Guerrero is the dead one). And that the extremely intelligent former 1981 World Series MVP for the Dodgers is now the front man for the State Farm-sponsored Fiesta del Jonron Tour, a Cinco de Mayo celebration […]


Jobless Jim Gray Haunting NBA Arena Hallways?

It’s been a swift, painful descent for broadcaster Jim Gray, whose contract with ABC and ESPN expired last year and has struggled to find work since.

So much so that as Tom Hoffarth, in his media column in the LA DAILY NEWS, reports that Gray was trolling the hallways of the Staples Center Wednesday night during […]


A First: Your Official Text Messenger Of The NBA

Disgraced former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson has found his services much in demand in the professional circuit since resigning from the Hoosiers in February after being charged for five major recruiting violations.

First, the Spurs brought him on in a consulting role for two months. Now new Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles is looking at Sampson […]


DFW TV Guy: Cowboys Might As Well Sign Osama

Dale Hansen, a former radio color commentator for the Dallas Cowboys and longtime Metroplex TV sports commentator who’s classy enough to get his signature on screen during his segments, is none too pleased about the Cowboys trading for Adam “Pacman” Jones.

(Hansen: Distended Feedbag Has Warded Off Attempted Firing Over The Years )


SbB Liveblog: Cavaliers @ Wizards, Game 3


Pope Benedict Should Bless Entire Sports World

Manny Acta’s office wasn’t the only thing tangentially connected to the sports world to receive the divine blessing of Pope Benedict XVI, as Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens had his newborn daughter blessed by the pontiff during His Popeliness’ visit to Nationals Park, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

“Not pictured: People relevant to this story. But, hey, cute […]


Claim: Titans Aren’t Savviest Drug Connoisseurs

YAHOO’S SHUTDOWN CORNER rolls up the story of Corey Cecil, a drug dealer admitting in court to selling some expensive green to members of the Tennessee Titans. About $1,000 an ounce expensive. That is, the part of the ounce he didn’t skim off the top.

“Cecil also confirmed in questioning that he was “pinching out” seven […]


Officially Your Worst 2008 College Football Games

RIVALS.COM lends a look at some of the more lopsided, more likely devastatingly dominated contests for the upcoming season. And there are more than few, as there typically are. The site looks at the 12 worst Football Championship Subdivision, ahem, Division I-AA teams against D-I stalwarts.

This is what makes the college football schedule so much […]


Report: Derrick Rose Gets Beat Down Over Girl

There’s a very good reason why Memphis point guard Derrick Rose, potential no. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, didn’t come forward with a press conference to announce his leaving the NCAA after one year to jump to squillions of dollars in the pros: he got roughed up over a girl, according to Gary Parrish […]


Memphis Robbed Of More Than Just National Title

While the Memphis Tigers were in San Antonio clanking critical free throws and having their hearts broken by Mario Chalmers, the always supportive residents of Memphis were relieving them of the burden of material possessions, reports WREG in Tennessee. No doubt the thieves wanted to show them what’s truly important: Fearing for your life in […]