The Cubs’ Other Effen Curse: Dick Stockton

It’s a bad week to be a Cubs fan. As we noted today, Dutch Vodka maker “Effen” is publicly acknowledging the teams’ lengthy World Series futility with “cheeky” billboards titled “Break. Effen. Curse.” In doing so they’ve dashed the see no evil, speak no evil hear no evil mentality some Cubs fans have […]


Brett Favre’s Not Quite Done Ripping the Packers

This man holds all the cards, doesn’t he? While refusing a two-year offer from the Jets, Brett Favre wants you to know he’s not done talking about the Packers’ mistakes. Chief among this week’s criticisms? Their hiring of consultant Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for the Bush White House.



Oprah’s Next Big Endorsement: Chicago Olympics

If the International Olympic Committee is anything like Oprah Winfrey’s stay-at-home mom audience, Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid is a shoo-in. Her Midas Touch has made Dr. Phil a wealthy man, given Barack Obama a huge boost in his quest for the Presidency and now she’s helping Chicago pitch its bid for the 2016 Olympic […]


Soccer Star Tiago Locks Team President In Toilet

He’s a moody one isn’t he! Juventus star Tiago Mendes loves his team but hates his boss. Seeking to stay with the Italian Serie A power, Tiago has refused several transfers to other clubs. Notably, the club had considered moving him to Everton and Monaco, who will not be participants in the […]


ESPN’s Dr. Lou Segment Has Got To Go — Now

Really, it’s nothing about Lou Holtz himself. I can put up with the spittle flying during live broadcasts. I enjoy the old stories. They’ve got Mark May at his side to mock to rampant Notre Dame and South Carolina homerism.

He’s in a controlled environment so nothing too bad can happen. Except […]


Jags OT Richard Collier Shot, In Critical Condition

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier is clinging to life at this moment, the victim of a late-night shooting outside a woman’s home. Collier had been out at several night clubs with former Jaguar player Kenneth Petway. They met several women and were waiting outside one of their homes on the way to […]


Texas Lineman Starts Game, Wins, Collects DWI

All in a day’s work for Texas Longhorn defender LaMarr Houston. Houston began the day Texas’ starting defensive tackle, recording two tackles for loss as Texas beat smack talking Florida Atlantic 52-10. He ended it with a two car collision and a DWI sure to embarrass coach Mack Brown.

Austin police Lt. Max Johnson […]


VP Nominee Sarah Palin Is Also a Runner, Hunter

We already showed you Sarah Palin’s adventures in sports broadcasting, but the self proclaimed “Hockey Mom” has many more ties to sports. We use the term “sport” loosely here, but it’s interesting to note that she is a lifelong runner and hunter.

For years, her and her husband fed the family with whatever they could […]


“The Secret” DVD Made Rampage Jackson Do It

Being strung out on Red Bull usually doesn’t contribute to many incidents of crime. But then, many of us aren’t Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. In yet another follow-up/story change to the historically bizarre insanity that was his monster truck trip through Los Angeles and Orange County, we are now told what else is to be […]


E. Carolina Beats Virginia Tech With Beamer Ball

Lost in the hoopla: it was a member of the Holtz family engineering the upset. East Carolina coach Skip Holtz put together a coherent, spittle-free gameplan that would give his father, Lou, great pride. Some would dispute that East Carolina’s victory is a true upset since a good chunk of the Hokies’ offense […]