Syracuse Takes Liberties With Ernie Davis Statue

The late great Syracuse tailback and first black Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis graduated in 1961. Syracuse unveiled a statue honoring him the other day. But there’s a problem: the sculptor gave his uniform and kicks Nike swooshes. Seeing as how Nike wasn’t around until 1971, poor Ernie’s associated with something not […]


Tony Stewart Caught in the Act Being Really Huffy

This is Tony Stewart’s time of the year as a NASCAR racer, when he’s at his competitive best on the track. After his narrow defeat Sunday, cameras and microphones captured Stewart pitching a fit that has us wondering if it’s also his time of the month?

FROM THE MARBLES’ Jay Busbee transcribes part of Stewart’s […]


Monday Night Football Promises Actual Football

Imagine that. For a monolithic network famous for its perceived inattentiveness to viewer concerns, ESPN/ABC may finally be listening to its audience. Over the years, the Monday Night Football broadcast booth had been host to a steady stream of politicians, musicians, celebrities and assorted individuals unrelated to the product on the field. […]


UCF Fans Ring Up More Hatred Toward QB Grothe

Last year’s game between South Florida and Central Florida brought us word that UCF fans had been “poking” USF quarterback Matt Grothe’s Facebook account — several million times. But this year, Golden Knights supporters have even further escalated their hatred of the Bulls QB.

After the Bulls bested the Knights in a thrilling overtime battle […]


For $1280, Colts Fan Gets Pair of Worthless Seats

How’s that old saw go — measure twice, cut once? The Indianapolis Colts apparently overlooked the basics in constructing their new stadium. Although most fans are raving about the facility and the views of the city from the inside, some fans have to deal with that pesky little problem of not being able […]


Nutty Squirrel Interrupts Indians-White Sox Game

Here’s some lighter fare as we round out this Friday afternoon. Below is video via AWFUL ANNOUNCING of a squirrel that snuck onto the field during yesterday’s Indians/White Sox game. That’s happened occasionally during baseball games and Christmas dinners but this guy stole the show, making his way from the outfield and along […]


Ex-RB Jamal Anderson Is One Drunken Dirty Bird

Some football dances stand the test of time: The Ickey Shuffle. Deion Sanders‘ high steps. Some don’t. Such is the legacy of former Atlanta Falcons back Jamal Anderson who popularized ‘The Dirty Bird’ during the 1998 Super Bowl season. Flash forward a decade and Anderson’s still around, but his dance is a […]


Boot on Beanie Means No Battle With Bobcats

Ohio State officially announced that star tailback Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells is out against Ohio University this Saturday, leaving Buckeye fans crying. The program is horribly vague, at best, about his injury. ESPN’s Joe Schad on a broadcast yesterday described the complicated foot problem thusly: “a soft tissue injury to the big toe on […]


Terence Newman’s First, Last Rollercoaster Ride

Funny stuff here from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS (via WITH LEATHER). The Dallas Cowboys’ star cornerback not named Pacman Adam Jones took the DMN for a wild ride on the Tony Hawk Big Spin rollercoaster.

It was Terence Newman’s first ride, and he put on the brave front while praying to “six pound, eight ounce […]


Random Guy Destroys LeBron James in H-O-R-S-E

And he gave a heck of a money quote afterwards. Dan Kalb was selected to play LeBron James in “LeBron’s Trick Shot Challenge” in Venice Beach, California. Not satisfied to merely show up, he took down the Olympian in a best of three round of H-O-R-S-E.

Kalb told the MANSFIELD NEWS JOURNAL “I’m sure […]