UCLA Caught Begging Fresno State Fans For Cash

UCLA’s delusions of grandeur — the football monopoly in Los Angeles is not, in fact, over — have gone a full 180 degrees this week. After a pair of embarrassing defeats to BYU and Arizona, UCLA now finds itself begging for visiting fans to put their butts in historic Rose Bowl seats.

UCLA’s marketing wing […]


OSU Cowboys Benefactor Pickens Down $1 Billion

Oklahoma State booster and wealthy oil man with a plan T. Boone Pickens tells the WALL STREET JOURNAL (via THE WIZ OF ODDS) he’s down a cool billion with a B dollars thanks to deflating hedge funds.

All in, the funds have lost around $1 billion this year, a figure that includes $270 million of personal […]


Hazing Mess Derails N.M. State Football Champs

They’re not the first, they won’t be the last. Every few years a hazing scandal erupts at a high school athletics program and goes national. This year’s sad honor goes to Robertson High School in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The Cardinals were state football champions in 2005 and 2006 and runners-up in […]


Rays Don’t Know Who to Get for Playoff First Pitch

This is too good to pass up. Fresh off clinching the franchise’s first-ever playoff berth, the Tampa Bay Rays now face a serious problem: Who will throw out the first pitch in their first playoff game?

Ever-diplomatic for such a previously woeful franchise, the Rays’ first instinct was to make it public through the WASHINGTON […]


Europeans Bolloxed By American Crowds At Ryder

If Americans know how to do anything with our frontier roots, we know how to get rowdy. Such was the case all week at the Ryder Cup as frenzied *golf* crowds rallied the American duffers to victory after a string of embarrassing defeats. American captain Paul Azinger called the supporters the “13th man”, […]


Rip Hamilton Jersey Owner, Come Into The Light

So sayeth the good Rev. Martez Warren Sr. who recently relaxed the dress code at his church to welcome sports uniforms at service. Reports the FLINT JOURNAL: This was Jersey Sunday, an effort to relax the normal routine, lure young people to church and address the violence hitting the congregation’s northwest Flint neighborhood.

I’m not […]


Auburn Cleared In Academic Wrongdoing Probe

We all had our fun ragging Auburn’s athletic department several years ago after a NEW YORK TIMES article blew the whistle on dubious classes some of their athletes were taking. The disputed courses were “independent” study classes that appeared to offer quick credits and passing grades for marginal work or actual education.

Sides were taken, […]


Er, Cubs Do Allow 104-Year-Old Fan The First Pitch

Nice story here from the Northsiders. After initially dashing Leo Hildebrand’s hopes to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game, the Cubs relented. Hildebrand, who is old enough to remember much worse economic conditions than these and the Cubs’ last World Series title, threw out the first pitch yesterday. It also […]


Benched, Tarvaris Jackson’s Mom Still Loves Him

Although Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was surprised the team had benched him for this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS finds his mother Sanque Jackson holding out hope.

She will be coming to Minnesota anyway, she said. She plans to arrive today.
“I’m not canceling my trip; he’s still […]


In Tiger’s Absence at Ryder Cup, Boo’s The Man

Boo Weekley’s aw-shucks, fun-loving ways are All-American, but he just may be a better social fit with the hard partying Europeans during this week’s Ryder Cup. He’s already produced a bevy of quotes in the run-up to the annual woodshedding of American golfers. Maybe he’ll even help produce a rare victory.

How’s a discussion […]