Red Card Good For One Free Beer At Austrian Pub

As Euro 2008 kicks off, a bar in Austria has a deal no self-respecting drunk would pass up - free drinks for every red card given out.

red card free beer

REUTERS SOCCER BLOG serves up news that a pub in the Alpine town of Salzburg will bring out the brews at no charge whenever the refs flash their little bright cards to those naughty boys on the pitch.

Seems like a perfect promotional opportunity for Killian’s Red - or Red Stripe. But it’s a shame that Zinedine Zidane has already hung up his cleats. Maybe he could be talked into a comeback. It could make for a great final chapter in his upcoming book - if it doesn’t get stolen again.

Unfortunately, the Reuters article neglected to mention in which particular pub the free beer can be found. Guess there’s only one way to figure it out - we’ll have to visit every single bar in Salzburg, hoist a pint and see what happens when a tourney player is sent off.

We’ll just check our liver at Austrian customs.