Australian Race Fans Know How To Party In Style

Authorities are cracking down on rowdy racegoers going to this weekend’s Bathurst 1000, which is reportedly the biggest auto race in all of Australia. From now on, racing fans are limited to bringing one case of beer per person. Supposedly this “restriction” will allow fans to be merely “hammered” during the race rather than “epically-blitzed.”

Aussie ice cream van

(The ice cream van in happier times)

Police say they’re tired of drunk patrons firebombing port-a-potties, burning couches, and destroying ice-cream vans. Which leads to our next question: why are there a bunch of couches at a race track?

Fans aren’t taking any of this lying (face) down. Rumor has it that some who are distraught over the new rule might have sneaked onto the race grounds at night and buried extra cases in the ground. More lunacy after the jump.

The “motoring editor” of the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, Joshua Dowling, has the complete story, which includes the exasperated reaction of an alcohol-abuse spokesman:

Paul Dillon, from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia, says a carton a day is not a restriction at all.

“This so-called restriction is almost laughable,” he said.

“A carton of beer in one day is hardly a limit. If it was restricted over the weekend it might have made a difference.” He said a carton of beer a day is “high-level problematic drinking”.

The Australian Minister of Duhhhhhhhh had these thoughts about keeping bathroom explosions to a minimum:

“When someone blows up a toilet block, people in the camping area don’t have a toilet to use, and that’s not fair on everyone. In the past it had been getting out of control but now we have zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour.”

As for the buried-beer rumors, police says that other than some pretty strong direct evidence of people burying things, there’s no evidence that anyone has been burying anything:

…people have been seen wandering camp grounds with shovels, and there are pockets of disturbed soil.

Oh well, you might not be able to drink as much as you used to, but at least you can still get some ice cream. What? Awww, man!

The toilet blocks and fast food caravans were unscathed last year after police dogs were widely used to sniff out explosives, but fans were disappointed yesterday that the ice-cream van, destroyed two years ago, had not returned.

I am never going to an Australian NASCAR race.