What The? Pakistani Nukes Have Aussies Spooked

Because you have Australian cricket booked in your RSS, you already know that the national team has agreed to play some matches in 2009 and 2010 in Pakistan, which is a big cricket country. And since you also have “nuclear tests” in your Google News alerts, you’re well aware that Pakistan just carried out some nuclear tests. Now put the days together, and you have:

Cricket Australia to play in Pakistan

Nuclear scare! Whee! Yes, the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD is wondering if Australian cricket players would be privy to skipping games in Pakistan if their fears of nuclear missiles got the best of them.

Aussie cricket hasn’t toured Pakistan in 10 years, and a couple years ago some games in Pakistan this year were cancelled because of a terrorist threats during Pakistani elections.

Here’s an idea … have Pakistan go to Australia. They have just as much open space. And — and! — it’s a home game. There’s always the threat of wallaby rape, and you’ll have that no matter what Australian province you may find yourself in, but what’s more embarrassing? Playing cricket in the middle of a mushroom cloud, or playing cricket while being gangraped by wallabies? The defense rests.