Aussie Rugby Player Wang Dance Makes Him YouTube Star

POST-GAME WANG DANCE LEAKED FROM SPORTS NETWORK: A Manly rugby player was a little too manly for TV, as cameras caught his full monty during an interview:

Rugby Full Monty

The SYDNEY DAILY TELEGRAPH reports that a Fox Sports video crew got a glance of Michael Robertson gyrating his genitals while a teammate was being interviewed.

Originally, the dirty dance never made it to air, but a Fox Sports employee leaked the video to a friend. The pal then slapped it up on YouTube, under the title of “Wang Dance”, for millions to enjoy. (The site has since removed the clip.)

nude rugby

In response to the ribald recording, the Manly rugby team - not an adjective, but their actual name - is demanding the league to place restrictions on locker room access. They propose declaring the dressing room area off limits to TV cameras until at least 45 minutes after the game.

And the Fox Sports employee who sent out the video was “sacked”. (Get it?)

Meanwhile, Robertson claimed he didn’t know the cameras were there when he was dicking around: “There has to be a period where the dressing room is a player’s sanctuary. There is no way the skylarking was meant for the cameras.”

Kim Kardashian Paris Hitol text phone

Well, such televised tawdriness hasn’t hurt the careers of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian (NSFW), has it?