Aussie Football Players Not Enoying The Spotlight From Fans Lasers

AUSSIE FOOTBALL NOT ENJOYING SPOTLIGHT FROM LASERS: It’s one thing to have a laser arm, but the Australian Football League would prefer you didn’t shine it in their players’ faces:

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Aussie site THE AGE reports a green laser light was flashed on the faces of two players during a match last Friday at the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Police say they can’t stop people from pointing lasers, since it’s not illegal to own the lights. Charges can only be made if people become injured as a result of the foolish flashes.

However, the Melbourne Cricket Club plans to eject and possibly ban any future attendees that are caught with the lasers, which are prohibited in the stadium.

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The two clubs involved in the match - Collingwood and Richmond - made no official complaints about the lasering, and both teams declined to pursue the case any farther.

But it’s not just the football fields that are light causes for heavy concern in Australia. Planes have become an increasingly constant target of lasers, with over 170 reports of light interference directed at aircraft within the past year.