Aussie Football Analyst Puts Foot In Mouth Again

As an analyst, you’re usually given a wide berth of leeway for comments on air, particularly in sports. However, if you’ve already been disciplined once regarding off-color sexual innuendo on air, like Aussie football analyst Sam Newman, it helps to not do it again.

Sam Newman Aussie football analyst stepped on by Army chick

(Once again, Sam [lying on ground] needs to be brought to heel)

Newman’s latest row comes after he made some pleasant comments about a female Tasmanian MP on Oz’s “The Footy Show.” Video showing Sam’s supposedly sexist comments is after the jump.


The verbal incident occurred after a clip was aired last night of Tasmania’s Minister for Economic Development and Tourism Paula Wriedt commenting on a major sponsorship deal backing a new Tasmanian AFL team.

Newman asked: “We couldn’t get her on, could we?” which sparked a raucous reaction from the audience and panel, before he continued: “It’s worthy of coming on, her.”

Newman is now apologizing to Wriedt, but this obviously isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble. According to the paper, he previously served a month-long suspension for taking a whack at a soccer writer named Caroline Wilson, and of course, that’s been YouTubed for our convenience as well. (NSFW due to language, and apologies for the shoddy quality, but it’s the only version I could find.)

The best part of both videos is how astounded and embarrassed all his co-hosts are at him in both instances. They’re laughing in some instances and absolutely mortified in others. I can totally understand the intended syntax, but Newman’s still in a pot of hot water over this.

Be thankful that most of our American analysts aren’t exactly the best speakers in the first place. Emmitt Smith and Terry Bradshaw aren’t getting into things like this, mostly because we’d need to be able to understand either of them first.