Aussie Female Athletes Still Figuring Out Facebook

When Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice got into some trouble for her somewhat racy photos found on her Facebook page, a lot of people (including us) paid attention.

Stephanie Rice

However, fellow Australian Olympian, Nikki Hudson apparently was not among those people taking note.

Nikki Hudson Field Hockey

Hudson, the captain of the Aussie Women’s field hockey team, finds herself in some hot water thanks to the content of her Facebook page. Unlike Rice, the content in question on Hudson’s page come in the form of words not photos.

On August 22nd, four days after her team was eliminated from the games, the veteran member of the Hockeyroos (that’s what the locals call their team) wrote the following status message: “Nikki thinks the running of the bulls should be changed & we should be chased by the spainish (sic) mens hockey team. I would definately (sic) make sure I got caught and impaled!”  

NEWS.COM.AU reports, Hudson’s friends left comments in response to the posting including “your (sic) naughty” and “you dirty m***”. 

Nikki Hudson Back Side Field Hockey

Hockey Australia, however, did not have the same sort of response to their captain’s joke about participating in a gang-bang with the Spanish men’s field hockey team. In a statement, Hockey Australia said, “The organisation is disappointed that private communications has entered the public domain and players will again be counselled on this matter.”

On Friday, an apologetic Hudson said, “Hopefully nobody is offended, I’d feel awful about that. I’m quite light-hearted and don’t take myself seriously. I was having a bit of a laugh. I definitely wouldn’t have written those quotes if I knew everybody could read it.

Mark Zuckerberg, if you’re reading this, the Aussie female athletes could use a tutorial regarding the privacy controls of their Facebook account.