Texas A&M AD Audio: Fan ‘Needs His Ass Kicked’

In the aftermath of Texas A&M ensuring the survival of the Big 12 by spurning the SEC, two Texas media sources who cover the Big 12 told me today that Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne has been besieged by angry Aggie fans over the school’s decision.

Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne Voicemail To A&M Fan

(Byrne Actually Wanted To Bolt Big 12 For SEC)

My sources indicated the reason for that dissatisfaction is two-fold.

1) A&M fans wanted to go to the SEC to finally escape the shadow of the Univ. of Texas.
2) A&M fans are upset that Texas essentially dictated the conditions required for the Big 12’s survival.

This afternoon I was forwarded a voicemail from a media source alleged to be Texas A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne. In the voicemail, Byrne is angrily responding to an email he received from a Texas A&M fan.

I’ve edited out Byrne giving out his direct number, but the rest of the voicemail is unedited - and not completely safe for work. Headphones are recommended.

The emailer, posting under the screen name “bcsags04″, re-posted the email that elicited the angry response from Byrne on the Texas A&M Rivals message board (user/pass required).

The email:


i sent bill bynre an email yesterday:

Hey a–holes [edit]

I am a third generation aggie and class of ‘06. my family and I, including many extend family members have had season tickets at kyle field for up to 20 yrs.

We also tailgate spending a lot of time and money during the fall in college station. That all ended today

We are canceling our season tickets and will never again donate to the 12th man until there is all new board of regents minus Gene Stallings, a new ad, new president (that guy is a disgrace).

Dollar bill, I hope you have time to pull your tongue out of dodds butt to read this email

Sincere regards

[name redacted]

In Byrne’s defense, I have been told by more than one source the past week that he was not involved in the decision to remain in the Big 12. Instead, Byrne was one of the school’s leading proponents to join the SEC.

Hopefully that word will be sufficiently circulated in the future, as Byrne isn’t to blame for the Aggies being relegated to the Big 12.

I’ve got a message into Texas A&M about the voicemail.

UPDATE: Byrne has now acknowledged he left the voicemail and apologized.