Radio: Ron Artest Addresses Infidelity Charges

In a recent interview with host Bomani Jones on Sirius/XM radio, Ron Artest attempted to answer why he has recently been seen escorting an Asian woman - who is not his wife - to multiple high profile media events in Los Angeles.

Ron Artest Addresses Infidelity Charges

Yesterday I reported that the currently-married Artest met the woman, stage-named “Shin Shin”, in a Beijing karaoke bar in July, 2009. He then brought the woman to Los Angeles the next month and claims to have signed her to his music label. She is not listed on the “artists” page on the official website for Artest’s label.

While at those recent media events, which included Thursday’s Twilight movie premiere, Artest did not introduce Shin Shin during interviews. Instead she stood behind him - off-camera. (If Artest “artist” Shin Shin was not at the two high-profile media events to promote her work for Artest’s label, why was she there?)

After Thursday’s appearance by the couple, reported:

Some of these NBA balers are just so BRAZEN with their sloppiness. learned that NBA baller Ron Artest has been bringing some exotic looking out with hm to red carpet events recently. The “official” word is that they WORK TOGETHER.

But one snitch suspects MORE. The insider explained, “Why are they always hugging and acting like a couple . . . that’s very DISRESPECTFUL to his wife.”

The insider continues, “Besides, I’d bet they’re f*cking.” Before joining the Lakers, Ron would NEVER be so blatant as to bring ANOTHER WOMAN to an event.

He and his wife Kimsha were together for nearly 20 years . . since the two were living together in a NYC housing.

The report said a source “suspected” that Artest was intimate with Shin Shin and characterized his marriage to wife Kimsha in the past tense. Though the site was careful not to make a direct allegation that Artest was cheating on his wife or that Artest’s current marriage to Kimsha was over.

Yesterday, Artest specifically addressed that Media Take Out report to Bomani Jones:

“The story that came out, in Media Take Out, that I left my wife for one of my exes. I’m going to let that story linger. You know I want that story to get as much publicity as possible. I’ll fix it up later.”

As Artest has previously claimed that his asian companion “Shin Shin” was merely an artist that he signed for his music label, why Artest would then describe her as “one of my exes” to Jones - as Media Take Out actually reported that the two are publicly known as business associates?

There was also no direct accusation from Media Take Out that Artest “left his wife” for Shin Shin.

Then there’s this line from Artest to Jones:

“You know I want that story to get as much publicity as possible. I’ll fix it up later.”

If he isn’t promoting his alleged music label artist Shin Shin, why would he want such negative publicity? And if there’s nothing to his relationship with Shin Shin, what’s there to “fix up later”?

On June 18, Artest trotted out his wife and children on national television to introduce them all to the tens of millions of fans just minutes after the Lakers won an NBA title. It seemed at the time like a heartwarming gesture by Artest to communicate to viewers just how much he cherished and respected his wife, children and extended family.

Then, with no explanation, six days later Artest escorts a woman who isn’t his wife to one of the biggest Hollywood premieres of the year. The same, unnamed woman who he had escorted to a similar premiere a month before. The same, unnamed woman who we now know he met at a Beijing karoake bar and brought to L.A. under the pretense of signing her as one of his music label’s artists.

As Tiger Woods can confirm Artest, disrespecting your wife and children in public is the quickest way to alienate a fanbase.

As Tiger Woods can also confirm to Artest, there’s no “fixing up” disrespecting your wife and children in public with your fanbase.

Artest actually does seem like a cool cat but as guy who obviously is doing all he can to seek the attention of the media and public, he has yet to grasp that with the trappings of increased fame comes accountability as to how he portrays his personal and family life in public.

Though on the wane, marriage remains a valued institution in our society. Mocking it, even if it’s done unintentionally, is the quickest way for a celebrity to marginalize him- or herself. (Jesse James also recently comes to mind.

I’ve never been a big fan of agents, but if anyone ever needed one in the history of professional sports, it’s Ron Artest at this very moment.