Audio: Rihanna Coy About Matt Kemp On LA Radio

Rihanna guested on KBIG-FM in Los Angeles this morning and was asked by host Sean Valentine if she was going to the Grammy Awards Show with Matt Kemp.

Matt Kemp and Rihanna in Cabo

(Still hangin’ on?)

“I’m going to the Grammy’s alone, as I always have, even when I was in a relationship. I’m still single if that’s what you really want to ask.”

On her vacation to Cabo with Kemp: “Yeah, it was a blast.

Sadly, Valentine did not press her beyond those comments, but she said enough for people to figure out what’s up.

Some may take Rihanna’s responses as the two have broken things off already, or that she’s cooled on Kemp. But considering they’ve only been seen together in public for a month, and she thought enough of Kemp to include him her latest video, “Hard,” I doubt seriously they’ve permanently separated.

She was also evasive when first seeing Chris Brown, denying a formal relationship for some time before she qualified them as “together.”

In light of the recent legal revelations involving Kemp - thanks to his connection to tabloid magnet Rihanna - it sounds like both parties aren’t in a hurry to confirm a coupling to the public. Highly advisable if you ask me.

Though I’d be surprised if we were still talking about these two when Spring Training breaks in late March.

Audio link to the KBIG Rihanna interview.