Audio: LenDale White Says “Ohio State Sucks!”

As we wait here in Los Angeles for the titanic tilt between USC and Ohio State in three weeks, we need something to keep us entertained. (The Trojans eating Virginia on Saturday just will not do.)

LenDale White USC Tennessee

(Maybe L.W. was just talkin’ bout OSU sucking down his favorite, In-N-Out?)

Enter former Trojan and current Tennessee Titan LenDale White. Tomorrow night White will appear on ESPN’s “Rome is Burning” (4:30pm ET) as part of a correspondent piece by Kevin Mawae. In the segment, Mawae attempted to interview White about the upcoming season. After Mawae’s opening, standard question, White responded, “Ohio State sucks!” (audio after the jump).

Audio: LenDale White on ESPN’s “Rome Is Burning”: “Hey listen, Ohio State sucks!”

That’s it? Uh, yeah, I guess.

As Jim Rome put it, “White’s comment was a complete non sequitur.”

Rather coincidental considering you could describe White’s pro career the same way. And of course, White isn’t alone in his sentiments among high profile ex-USCers.

As you may recall, Carson Palmer expressed himself in a similiar, albeit slightly more articulate fashion last month. But most of Palmer’s venom was at least a little understandable, considering it was directed at OSU fans - and Palmer lives right in the midst of them.

Trash talk aside, most think USC will roll in the actual game. And once I found out the Buckeyes roster will not include O.J.’s daughter, I’ve since jumped on the John McKay Memorial Bandwagon.