Audio: ESPNer Challenges Entire Media To Fight

Regular ESPN-TV college football announcer Dave LaMont, who recently called the play-by-play for an ESPN telecast featuring UCLA at Oregon on Oct. 18, went off the deep end last Saturday while appearing on a radio broadcast in south Florida.

Dave Lamont radio meltdown on FAU broadcast

This week Tom D’Angelo of the PALM BEACH POST reported what happened while LaMont was calling the Florida Atlantic-Arkansas State college football game:

Lamont had three screaming fits late in the game - including challenging anyone who was watching to a fight - after QB Jeff Van Camp was hit so hard in the head while sliding that his helmet popped off and no flag was thrown. Van Camp left the game and did not return.

The hollering was bad enough, but LaMont also inexplicably ripped into the Sun Belt Conference Commissioner - who happened to be in attendance.


Lamont has apologized to Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters in a phone conversation, wrote a letter of apology to the Arkansas State and will apologize on air Saturday. Waters told Lamont the play was reviewed and determined to be a legal hit.

The tirade started with Lamont first screaming for Waters.

“You cannot tell me that’s not a flag,” he said. “That is not possible. Where’s the commissioner? Where’s Wright Waters? Where’s Wright Waters?”

Waters was at the game but had left the press box at that time.

That last fact probably saved LaMont’s job, who was reprimanded by FAU’s Athletic Director but will, somehow, miss no time on the air.

Sucks since I’ve recently hired myself as the manager of the hottest overmodulated, obscure broadcast team anonymous football has to offer.

Already spent my three percent. Money in the bank.