Audio: Erica Blasberg Suicide 911 Call Released

The 911 call involved with Erica Blasberg’s May 9 suicide was released by Henderson, Nev., Police today - along with the arrest of the man who phoned in that call after discovering Blasberg’s body.

Erica Blasberg and Dr. Thomas Hess 911 Call

The caller, Dr. Thomas Hess, turned himself into authorities today after an arrest warrant was issued for him on the charge of obstruction of justice. He has since posted bail and been released.

Blasberg’s father Mel is reportedly demanding that Hess reveal more of what he thinks Hess knows about the suicide of his daughter.

Nearly eight weeks after professional golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Henderson home, the Clark County coroner’s office has ruled her death a suicide. Toxic levels of prescription drugs were also found in her system.

The night before her death, Blasberg’s father Mel says she seemed fine. Blasberg’s believe only Dr. Hess can help them figure out what may have caused her to want to kill herself.

The Blasberg’s addressed the media at Henderson Police headquarters Tuesday afternoon. Mel Blasberg father Mel spoke with a sense of urgency. Police found his daughter on May 9 with a plastic bag secured over her head. While they don’t suspect foul play, police say Hess removed items from the scene before they got there.

The doctor admitted taking a suicide note by Blasberg and prescription medication he gave her, and then hiding it in his car. He’s now charged with obstruction.

Erica’s father wants Hess to give the family the fact’s of what happened.

“Step up and give us the answers. It’s not going to change what the medical board says. It’s not going to change his civil liabilities, but it will make a difference to us,” he said.

Considering that Hess has admitted to, “taking a suicide note by Blasberg and prescription medication he gave her, and then hiding it in his car,” Mel Blasberg’s reaction is understandable.

It certainly isn’t unreasonable to think that there could be more to the story of what happened to Erica Blasberg the night she died.

Or at the very least, why the suicide might’ve happened.