Auburn FB Recruiting: Glamourous, Sort Of Illegal

Over the weekend, Auburn held a bit of a crazy bash for several recruits. It was called “Big Cat Weekend,” even though there were no actual tigers, lions, panthers, pumas, ocelots, mountain lions, jaguars, or this guy in attendance. Nonetheless, the recruits had a blast being celebrated, as you can see here.

Lache Seastrunk
(The NCAA might make Auburn a much less smiley destination for recruits.)

As a matter of fact, as one recruit (Ladarius Owens) was announced, another recruit, Lache Seastrunk (above) actually called out Nick Saban (that’ll end well, we’re sure), saying Saban was “S.O.L.” on recruiting Owens. Fans whooped and cheered at Seastrunk’s proclamation, and a great time was had by all.

Well, all but Auburn’s compliance department, anyway, since the whole thing was blatantly illegal.


Auburn University will investigate whether NCAA rules were broken during Saturday’s “Big Cat” football recruiting weekend, according to multiple media reports.

An Auburn spokesperson said the university had not determined if any NCAA secondary violations occurred but would review the event this week.

The university hosted approximately 24 top prospects on unofficial visits, and the HUNTSVILLE TIMES reports at least two NCAA bylaws may have been breached during the weekend. Videos of the event posted on two websites show recruits being introduced by name, position and hometown. The NCAA prohibits visiting student-athletes from being introduced during any function.

A review, Auburn? I’d be happy to conduct my own review. There, it’s done after watching the videos for about one minute and 10 seconds. Yes, we have NCAA violations of that nature. You can’t just announce who the recruits are like that.

Now, you’re wondering why cameras were following the recruits around in the first place, since you normally never see footage like this, right? Funny thing about that, actually; that’s also not so good:

Secondly, another NCAA bylaw prevents schools from publicizing an athlete’s visit or allowing the visitor to “participate in team activities that would make the public or media aware of the prospective student-athlete’s visit to the institution.” The newspaper reports Saturday’s night activity, the rolling of Toomer’s Corner, was advertised on all three major websites that cover Auburn. 

Gene Chizik, ladies and gentlemen! Turning the corner at Auburn the only way he knows how: straight off a cliff into a pit full of diesel-powered chainsaws and snakes that don’t get hurt by chainsaws.

Additionally, the school is preemptively holding a fundraiser to pay for a new house for the Seastrunk family, as their current home will be destroyed by Saban shortly as punishment for young Lache’s insolence. This fundraiser will probably violate multiple NCAA rules as well.