Auburn Now On Break: 1st Day Back Is BCS Date

Here’s a statement Nebraska University President Harvey Perlman read at a Congressional hearing on the BCS last year:

Auburn out of class until BCS title game date

In short, a multi-game, NFL-style playoff solves nothing for college football. This is why the BCS arrangement is a sensible and limited response. It provides the opportunity for a national championship game without producing all of the negative consequences listed above and without interfering with the academic calendar or impinging on the academic missions of our universities.

At the time he made that statement, Perlman was the Chairman of the BCS Presidential Board of Governance. The NU President has since moved up to Chairman of the NCAA Board of Directors, meaning he’s now arguably the most powerful man in college athletics.

Apparently those lofty offices have rendered Perlman unable to acquaint himself with the reality of the academic calendars of the schools involved in the BCS Championship game.

The final day of fall term classes at the Univ. of Oregon was last Friday. Winter term classes begin on Jan. 3, 2011, so for the first week of those classes, Oregon football players will be in Phoenix preparing for the BCS championship game.

Auburn’s last day of fall term classes was also last Friday.

So what’s the next class day for Auburn students?

January, 10, 2010, which also happens to be the same day that Auburn football players will be in Arizona for the BCS Championship Game against Oregon.