ATTN: Cursed Coco Crisp Fan, Have You No Soul?

WBZ-TV has a easy ratings gain story of an adorable New Hampshire girl who had her worst nightmare realized recently at Red Sox Spring Training.

Katrina Hart WBZ Ratings Bonanza

(Followup piece with her holding new autographed ball in 3..2..1..)

Nine-year-old Katina Hart is “heartbroken this Monday after returning home with her family from Red Sox Spring Training in Florida. It seems that someone stole an autographed baseball out of the little girl’s suitcase.

Why was she so upset? Well, the ball contained autographs of Manny Ramirez AND COCO CRISP.

We’ve got “6 hours” in the “when will she get a new ball autographed ball signed by all the Red Sox and a spin in Manny’s new Lamborghini”-pool.

See, everyone’s a winner here. The girl gets a new autographed ball. WBZ gets a nice ratings spike. And Coco Crisp gets a nice feeling before he gets shipped to Tampa Bay for a gross of BP balls and mucky, old pine tar bag.

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