AT&T ‘Ending Our Sponsorship’ Of Tiger Woods

AT&T announced today it is ending its sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods. The company released the following statement:

Tiger Woods AT&T National Poster


“We are ending our sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods and wish him well in the future.”

AT&T becomes the second company to completely drop its sponsorship of Woods. Accenture was the first.

There is (at least) one additional awkward development that will soon come out of AT&T’s announcement today.

BusinessWeek quotes AT&T spokesman Michael Coe as confirming the report in an email that also says “(we) wish him well in the future.”

Coe tells BusinessWeek that the company will continue to sponsor the PGA Tour’s national tournament that Woods hosts.

The next question is will the DC-based tournament allow Woods to continue to host the PGA Tour stop? That could be the next shoe to drop.

And even if the tournament has no plans to drop Woods this year, will he play in it anyway?

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