Atlanta’s Teams Filling the Seats Through Bribery

Atlanta’s sports fans have been much maligned for lacking the slavish devotion of other towns when it comes to support, especially attendance. (Except those nearby Georgia fans, of course. They’ll donate their mothers to Uga for dog food.)

While the rich people’s seats haven’t emptied quite yet (though we wonder how long corporations will hang on), Georgia’s sports teams have dropped other prices precipitously to keep the seats filled. They’ve also taken to creative promotions, such as gas cards for season ticket holders and being the latest to abuse the catchphrase of the summer, “stay-cation”.

Empty Turner Field seats

If you visit Turner Field for a Braves game, you can also buy a package deal that will throw in tickets to Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags, World of Coca-Cola, and Stone Mountain Park. If you like baseball, you’ll definitely love fish, Dan Snyder’s other money sink, and the liquid Berke Breathed once said tasted like “malted battery acid” in museum form. Oh, and.. uhm, the Confederacy.

While each of the steps taken seems logical (or worth trying), we sincerely pity the sales department for the WNBA expansion Atlanta Dream. The team is lousy; the town is fickle; the economy is tanktastic. Even $4 tickets on weeknights will only go so far. Maybe the ladies can make extra cash as World of Coca-Cola tour guides?