Atlanta Is Dream Destination For Final Four Teams And Fans Alike

ATLANTA IS DREAM DESTINATION FOR TEAMS, FANS ALIKE: As a former longtime North Georgia resident and proud alumnus of the University of Georgia, I’d like to offer up my congratulations to the fans of the Final Four participants - and wish a warm welcome to the crown jewel of the Confederacy South, Atlanta.

Final Four Babies

Atlanta’s selection as Final Four host is a no-brainer, considering the city’s past success with the Olympics, the Super Bowl and the 1978 NBA first round playoff series between the Atlanta Hawks and Washington Bullets.

Atlanta Hawks 1978 Hubie Brown

Speaking of Atlanta hoops, the astonishing success of the local pro and college basketball teams, combined with Georgians unceasing willingness to embrace basketball as a specatator sport, also justifies the NCAA’s well-reasoned decision to host basketball’s biggest annual event there.

Atlanta Basketball

And I’m here to tell revved-up basketball fans, you’re going to love Atlanta not only because of the city’s unbridled passion for roundball. There are also countless sights to satisfy your Fulton County wanderlust:

Atlanta Tourist

As you would expect, the town has all the amenities you could dream about, including world-class dining:

Chick-Fil-A The Varsity Atlanta's Finest Dining

And shopping that’ll make you forget Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue:

Atlanta Shopping

Like most jet-setting cities, Atlanta boasts its share of beautiful people, and celebrity-spotting is commonplace - like internationally known Anderson Cooper, the well respected CNN journalist:

Atlanta Anderson Cooper Boner CNN The End Is Near

But you don’t have to be famous or handsome to fit right into Atlanta’s cityscape. This is a place where everyone is made to feel welcome. And I do mean everyone:

Atlanta Bums

The best news about Atlanta is that since there’s so much to see and do right in the middle of downtown, you won’t have to worry about renting a car. Plus, the safe, friendly and clean public transit system MARTA is always available to serve your transportation needs:

Atlanta MARTA

But if for some strange reason you want to venture outside of downtown (but why would you?), you can count on a perfectly-simple, traffic-free, highway system.

Atlanta Traffic

So welcome to the ATL, Mr. and Ms. basketball fan (and gender-neutral university official!), a city where fervent hoops fans, modern appeal and Old World charm collide!

Atlanta rapper