Atlanta Hawks to Host Blog Night

HAPLESS HAWKS HOPE TO PERMALINK FANS: The Atlanta Hawks are ushering in 2007 by hosting Blog Night on Feb. 5, when they welcome the Lakers. The item is noted about half-way down the official Hawks blog, which doesn’t allow for linking to individual posts.

Atlanta Hawks Blog Night

The idea is to encourage fans with Atlanta-area blogs to tour the arena, sit where wireless is accessible and write about their experiences watching this currently (and seemingly forever) putrid 16-27 team. Which is a little like Richard Nixon inviting Woodward and Bernstein over for spring cleaning.

Oh, the horrors they’ll find. Might as well set some F-key functions to automatically type four-letter words.

But at least the Hawks will receive favorable press for providing each fan with his own popcorn vendor.

And since there’s a high probability that some of the participants might not be able to afford to ride MARTA all the way to Philips Arena from the Big Chicken stop in May-retta, the Atlanta Hawk has already cooked up a solution:

Atlanta Hawk on Motorcycle