Atlanta Falcons Sign Japanese Wide Receiver

FUTURE OF FALCONS FOUND IN FAST FEET FROM FAR EAST: Move over Dice-K - there’s a new sports senastion in the U.S. from the Land of the Rising Sun, as the Atlanta Falcons sign a Japanese wide receiver:

Kinoshita Falcons Fans

Osaka’s own Noriaki Kinoshita spent the past 3 years with the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europa - formerly NFL Europe - formerly the World League of American Football - formerly…well, the whole league is just formerly, period.

NFL Europa closes

This past season, Nori-K was 2nd in the league in combined yardage, and lead the NFLE in kickoff returns in 2006.

Kinoshita Vick

According to his player profile, the Dirty Birds happen to be Kinoshita’s favorite team, while Michael Vick is one of Nori’s all-time favorite players.

Grits Wasabi

Can’t wait for the Georgia Dome concession stands to start selling grits with wasabi and tempura hushpuppies!