Blog-A-Rhythm: Do Braves Injuries Go Up To 11?

• RIGHT DOWN PEACHTREE compares the calamities suffered by injured Atlanta Braves players to those of Spinal Tap drummers.

Atlanta Braves old logo Spinal Tap

• SLAM ONLINE tries to translate some post-series quotes from the winners and losers (and non-participants) of this year’s NBA Finals.

• SONS OF BILL SIMMONS discovers that Marla Maples, one of the ex-wives of Donald Trump, is looking fine for a 44-year-old.

• SIGNAL TO NOISE says that Portugal’s soccer team is the Los Angeles Lakers of Euro 2008 - so they won’t be winning a title, either.

• Speaking of the Lake Show, LARRY BROWN SPORTS wonders if Kobe & Co. will soon be saying so long to Lamar Odom.

• USA TODAY’s GAME ON serves up Wimbledon word that Novak Djokovic isn’t frightened of Roger Federer.

• BABES LOVE BASEBALL conjure up their voodoo sabermetrics for Carlos Zambrano. (Seems they put the voodoo on a little too harshly.)

• WAGGLE ROOM swings up some sourness from golfer Paul Casey, who didn’t appreciate Vijay Singh questioning his work ethic.