ATL Man Didn’t Fudge Details In 2 Packer Homes

The GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE tells the strange story of Michael Holton, a Milwaukee native living in Atlanta. Holton takes sports team obsession to a new level, having purchased two homes near Lambeau Field and renovating them with insane Packer-inspired furnishings.

Michael Holton

The home nearest Lambeau, described by Holton as “place for men, designed by men, has the requisite memorabilia and a layout driven to perfect the Lambeau tailgate experience. That explains one of the Packer palaces including “a flat screen featuring a live camera shot of Lambeau above a urinal in a main floor bathroom.” (more photos of the home)

Many locals, as you would expect, wonder what Holton’s true intentions are with the homes. That is, if the dwelling re-dos are designed as money makers or for publicity for Holton’s home improvement business in Atlanta.

But Holton claims he isn’t looking to flip the houses, that he only wanted a way to avoid the “mad scramble for a hotel room” on game days. Holton tells the Gazette, “I don’t ever plan on selling it. It’ll be willed to my kids, and their kids and their kids. I’m not concerned about getting the money back that I’ve put into it. That’s not the reason I did it.

Michael Holton Packer Home

The only thing we find hard to believe about the story? Holton doesn’t drink.