Athletes Showing All in Playboy a Long Tradition

We were unaware of the scholarly bent of the ORLANDO SENTINEL, specifically their SPORTSSTUFF memorabilia blog. We do not know if writer Chris Olds attended one of the top Universities in the country, but we do see that he has a passion for his work and a research jones that beats Indy by miles.

Upon hearing that young Ashley Harkleroad has chosen to accept Hugh Hefner’s 40 pieces of gold for an appearance in PLAYBOY, Chris Olds spent a late night and early Memorial Day morning compiling a list of recent athletes, near-athletes, and people near athletes that have graced the pages of that fine upstanding publication.

Playboy and athletes

He even bagged the magazines for us and put the receipt inside. Clearly, this was a labor of love. Chris Olds may be the greatest American ever. (He’s American, right? Maybe? Sure, why not?)

We were initially struck by just how many there had been in the recent past. Why has PLAYBOY placed part of their focus on female athletes? It’s not quite the same as the men’s magazine obsession; we rather understand who’s buying those. This doesn’t fit any stereotypical mold we’ve come to expect.

Then we realized nearly all of them came from the wrestling ranks and it all made sense. The WWE is in show business; PLAYBOY is in the business of show.