Athletes Show All For Playboy; Hair-Raising Cards

Brandi Chastian’s bra brouhaha has nothing on this Brazilian soccer babe.

• Hot on the heels of Ashley Harkleroad’s announcement, we uncover the naked truth on how often athletes have bared all for Playboy.

Gabrielle Reece Playboy cover top

• Upper Deck wants to condition us into buying these hair-filled cards. Next, special-edition SbB sets featuring freshly-shorn follicles from Brooks.

• How cool is Rick Sutcliffe? Not only can he kick cancer’s ass, but he’ll steal a base just to win Bill Murray some beer.

Kobe explains how he jumps over snakes, while Mrs. Bryant jumps all over an ESPN writer.

• The Yankees want to pull the plug on an All-Star promotion that might feature David Ortiz. Well, we should’ve know there was Red Sox trouble at the Stadium had we seen the warning signs.

• Jagshemash! A Kazakhstan-born boxer punches up a little scare into Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen.

• Meanwhile, promising pugilist Jose Canseco wants to turn his new in-ring activity into a reality TV series.

Joakim Noah should realize by now that father knows best.

• Coming to grips with the latest breakout collegiate sport - women’s wrestling. (Would that be with mud or Jello?)

• It’s the media’s fault that Gary Carter comes off as an inconsiderate job-seeking buzzard.