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• Where’s the Flutie Flakes? DEUCE OF DAVENPORT gets bowled over by the cereals of your favorite sports stars:


• ARMCHAIR GM wonders what the latest updates would be of famous athletes on Facebook.

• FORUM BLUE & GOLD sends a message in a bottle with Lakers draft prospects matched with songs by The Police:

Lakers Draft Pick The Police

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING gives reason #5,307 to hate ESPN now that SportsCenter will be Living Free and Dying Hard.

• LEAVE THE MAN ALONE believes ESPN prefers to play up Pacman’s Thug Life:

Pacman Jones

• LION IN OIL hits the polls with a Michigan congressman who’s going after the new Big Ten Network with that most potent weapon of all - a strongly-worded letter.

• NORTHBOUND tells the story of a batboy giving it back to some drunk minor league fans:


• THE TIDE DRUID is preparing early for Alabama’s pigskin visit to Mississippi State this season.