At Times John Kruk Wants To Punch Karl Ravech

Have you ever been watching “Baseball Tonight” or any other studio show on ESPN and wondered if the anchors actually liked each other? I mean, I know I can’t stand most of the talking heads ESPN puts on the air so you have to figure there are times when Mike Ditka wants to reach across the desk and punch Stuart Scott right in his lazy eye when he says “Boo-ya!”

The one ESPN personality who I think has probably had it worse than anybody else is Karl Ravech. As host of Baseball Tonight he’s had to work with his fair share of idiots.  Sure, dealing with Harold Reynolds wasn’t too bad — well, except for Harold’s insistence on post-show hugs — and Peter Gammons is an icon, but aside from those two there are a lot more Steve Phillips and John Kruks sitting behind that desk. There has to be occasions where Ravvy just wants to choke Krukker after he says something that makes no real sense, but if there have been, Karl isn’t talking.

Of course, the same can’t be said of Kruk.


”You better have a good rapport because we’re on four days a week from March through October,” Kruk said. ”If we didn’t get along, it would be hard.

”I mean there have been times when I wanted to punch him in the face. And, I’m sure there are times when he’d like to do the same to me. We argue. One time we went three days without speaking to each other, except on the air.

“A lot of it has nothing to do with TV. He might have said something while we were golfing or something like that. It’s just like teammates on a baseball team. There were days I wanted to walk into the clubhouse and drop someone and I’m sure someone wanted to do it to me.”

I don’t know about you, but I think Baseball Tonight would be a lot more fun to watch if all the analysts did start beating each other up on the air. I mean what problems can intelligent — and I use that word loosely — discourse solve? If Kruk is in an argument with Buster Olney that CC Sabathia should have gotten the NL Cy Young instead of Tim Lincecum, wouldn’t leaping at him from across the table and beating him to a pulp do a lot more to sway Olney’s mind than talking to him about it?

When will people learn that violence solves everything?